Getting A Bikini Body: 3 Weight Loss Mistakes That Cost You Muscle

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3 Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid To Prevent Muscle Loss

There are many weight loss mistakes but some are so common that most people don’t realize they are doing anything wrong. Most women are working out to lose weight, get fit, and probably get a bikini body. However, the way some women eat and the train is making them lose muscle, not build it. It does seem like they are training and working themselves out just to end up looking skinny and weak.

weight loss mistakes that cost you muscleIn fact, what they do is what I would recommend to the category of women who are already so jacked and now have their biceps tearing at their sleeves.

If you are not among this category, then you need to make sure you are not making the weight loss mistakes that could sabotage your fitness progress and cost you muscle.

In case you have been making any of these weight loss mistakes, you can learn about some easy and quick fixes derived from Jen Ferrugia’s tips in her program, Bikini Body Workout. With this, you can correct the problem and be able to achieve your fitness goals faster.

1. Fear of Fat

This is the most common of these weight loss mistakes. So, you don’t eat well. Truly, extra calories may result in extra belly fat. However, for someone who workouts out correctly and consistently, most of what you eat should be converted to muscle. Without a surplus of calories, your muscles will never grow. A restricted diet is, in fact, the ideal recipe for anyone looking to lose muscle tissue.

It also results in sparing fat because it makes your body shift into starvation mode which makes it shed calorie-consuming muscle in the process. This way, your body will get to store fat for emergency energy.

2016 study reveals the importance of protein to get a toned body or building muscle. Not eating enough protein deprives your muscle of the chance to recover after you work out.

2. Ignoring A Cry For Help

weight loss mistakes to avoidIt is also important that you start your recovery process immediately after your workout by refueling your body to replenishing lost glycogen. Whether it is through eggs and oatmeal or a protein-and-carb shake, you will get to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to repair and grow more muscle. Don’t skip this part or wait for about an hour to do this. This is more like ignoring your body’s cry for help.

3. Exhausting Yourself

Avoid working yourself to exhaustion. You don’t need to do hundreds of sets and reps to a total collapse point. Doing more than 15 reps per set or over 20 sets per muscle group may leave your muscles swollen. What you are most likely to achieve from overdoing things like this is the ego-enhancing “pump” that comes from inflammation and not real muscle growth. This is not a way to reap lasting gains.

correcting weight loss mistakes to avoid muscle lossWhile you are correcting these weight loss mistakes or habits above, don’t forget to alter your routine once in a while and avoid eating sporadically. Muscle repairs happen when you sleep, so sleep better and stay away from stressors. Avoid doing isolation workouts and stop shunning stretching; it’s good for recovery. You should be able to avoid losing muscles this way.

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