Weight Loss Struggle Secret – Could You Be Leptin Resistant?

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Leptin Resistance May Be Why You Are Struggling To Lose Weight

If you have been struggling to lose weight, you need to test for leptin resistance. To most people, losing weight and weight gain is all about willpower and calories. However, several modern research studies have disagreed with this. A study confirms that a hormone known as leptin is involved in weight management.

Leptin is the hunger or appetite control hormone in the body. The fat cells communicate with your brain by sending a signal to a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus, through the leptin in your bloodstream. Hypothalamus is a part of the brain that controls when you eat and how much food you take.

how leptin resistance disrupts your weight loss effortsThis communication is to let your brain know how much body fat stored. High levels of leptin indicate plenty of stored fat and low leptin levels indicate that fat stores are low, which means you need to eat.

Leptin resistance happens when the brain doesn’t get the leptin signal. A study proves that this result in a change in the way your brain behaves. This tricks the brain into thinking you are starving even when there is enough fat stored in the fat cells already.

Thus, your brain starts making you eat more to prevent starvation and reducing your energy levels so that your body burns fewer calories when you rest. A study that supports this fact indicates that exercising less and eating more are consequences of leptin resistance which has been proven in a research study to be a factor that contributes to weight gain in people.

Leptin resistance is also proven to be the reason most people have been struggling to lose weight and the reason behind the failures of many diets at promoting long-term weight loss. Even after struggling to lose weight, you still keep the one around your midsection even as you lose weight in other parts of your body. Leptin resistance makes you hungry constantly and encourages cravings for sugary foods.

struggling to lose weight because of leptin resistance?Other symptoms of leptin resistance are high blood pressure, high triglycerides, stress, and trouble keeping off weight. Have your health care provider test you for leptin resistance if you have been struggling to lose weight or experiencing any of these mentioned symptoms.

If you tested positive to leptin resistance, clean up your poor sleeping habit. Avoid eating too late and late-night snacks. Late-night eating has been linked to leptin resistance and weight gain in different studies. Calm down your life because too much stress comes with a high cortisol level, which increases inflammation that triggers the failure of the leptin receptor and encourages the overproduction of leptin. John Barban, the author of the Venus Factor system, suggests you go for healthy fat, especially omega-3, take anti-inflammatory diets and cleanse your body system.

With this, there is a higher chance that you will stop struggling to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals soon.

does The Venus Factor program work?

The Venus Factor Guide is an online weight loss system designed specifically for women to help them lose weight, burn fat, get toned and keep it that way forever in the quickest, most natural and safest way possible. The Venus Factor program teaches women to control their leptin level; the hormone that influences your metabolism.

The program comes with the Venus Factor program pdf manual; the 12-week fat-loss system, the Food-intake tracking app and access to a virtual nutritionist. Other things that come with the Venus Factor program are forums and blogs; a community for users. You can read more about the Venus Factor Guide or you can check it out NOW.

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