Health Tips – Benefits of Joining Social media Support Group

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Why Should You Consider Joining Social Media Support Group?

Social media and the internet, in general, is the greatest innovation of the modern world, not only does it improve the quality of interaction but also improves the way we entertain ourselves. Despite its influence in all areas of life, the biggest question is: Can the internet influence patients experience?

Going by recent research, there’s no reason to think otherwise.

social media support groupIn a bid to measure the impact of the internet and how it influences post engagement and interaction among cancer patients, a study was carried out by a team of medical experts.

The result proves that a majority of the patients observed reported a positive influence but the greatest influence was however recorded among patients who interacted with other patients via social media support groups.

These special group of patients drew inspiration from reading other patients experience online or sharing theirs. This attachment to the support group improves confidence in health care decision and motivates patients to ask questions about their treatment regime.

Despite social media being a good place to gain support and make connections, they’re in no way a complete solution to recover and patients shouldn’t desist from seeking proper medical support from doctors.

The influence support groups have can’t be ignored, it benefits far outweighs its risks. As such, Dr. Keep sees online support as an alternative source of interaction for patients who lacked adequate support from offline peers.

As a step forward, health providers should welcome the idea of easing patients into support groups as this goes a long way in improving whole-person care rather than just treatment of disease and suppressing symptoms.

Marissa’s Story On Joining A Social media Support Group

Marissa Bennan after being diagnosed with endometriosis turned to Facebook for support. From her experience, Marissa suggests many people with her condition at first think they can manage the condition on their own but in the long run coping with it could prove difficult.

Her search for more information led her to an online support group comprised of members who have a similar health condition. Through interaction and involvement with members, she was able to manage her condition and learn from others without feeling different.

“I read through other women stories and it was nice to discover I wasn’t the only one having this health condition”

Brisbane On Joining A Social media Support Group

A 25-year-old Brisbane nurse is one who has seen the impact of joining support groups. According to her, Facebook support groups bring people with a similar problem under one invisible roof.

The groups implement terms and conditions to protect the interest of members and also ensure new members share common interests by asking questions before membership is approved. To her, ” A support group is a place to air your view without being judged and seek guidance to ensure you’re on the right track”

To Dr. Keep, patients get the support they may not enjoy from offline peers by joining an online community. This has led to an increase in the numbers of support groups available online.

Kristen Gillepe On Joining A Social media Support Group

To Kristen Gillepe, people with mental disabilities need to stick together rather than living in isolation. A support group help patients interact in a fairly safe environment no matter their location.

This was her reason for creating her own support group and aims to support people with mental disabilities through experience gained from managing the same condition for the majority of her life.

Detoxification Support Groups

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Why You Should Join Social Media Support Groups?

social-media support groupFirst up, do you get excited when you’re added to a Facebook group? Or feel like instantly taking your leave through the ‘leave group’ link. Most people have tried this while others wait to see what it has to offer before mustering the courage to do so.

True! We all loathe the idea of been added to support groups without our consent but what happens when you joined on purpose. Certainly, you had high expectations but suddenly can’t stand the sight of endless notifications and Show of immaturity exhibited by some members.

At this point, you have a clear conscience of leaving.

We all Did this at some point but have come to love support groups especially those that are a health-related and amazing show of knowledge and experience on offer. More than just business, social media support groups is an avenue to meet real-life people, make new connections and learn from their experience in a bid of not making the same mistake.

Before clicking the ‘ leave group’ link, here are Benefits that comes from joining support groups and why you will come to love them.

Social media Support Group – Learn From Experts

Recently, Facebook and other social media groups are seen as a medium for business growth. More people seem to be interested in the Area of selling more than sharing free information and ideas.

However, there are still a handful of health support groups around who are solely dedicated to sharing ideas and positively impacting the lives of members. In fact, Admins of such groups take certain measures to curb the illegal activities of members who are bent on pitching others.

Most support groups have a substantial number of experts as group members. From observation, most admins invite experts who are exceptionally good in their chosen fields to enlighten members on some occasion.

Support groups are mediums and an automatic ticket to relating with experts and tapping from their streams of knowledge and experience, somehow breaking the communication Barrier poised by the real world.

Social media Support Group – Find Health Solutions

Without the necessary advertisement, support groups create an avenue to find Solution for any lingering health issues.

Whether you’re struggling with weight loss or keeping your blood pressure level in check, there’s a high probability of finding someone who had some issues in the past and willing to share your experience on how they were able to overcome it.

Just by posting in the group, and opening up on your struggles, you’re sure to get someone trooping in and ready to help out.

Social media Support Group – Create Awareness

Whether is the world HIV day, malaria day or cancer day, there’s no better way to know about it than through health support groups. To an average individual, a day like this holds no meaning and is seen just like every Normal day.

However, through several campaigns launched on this platform, the importance of these days to the health world is emphasized. Movement is made to make these days special and significant to all members.

Social media Support Group – Information Dissemination

Social Media was rightly created as a medium for disseminating information and reaching a large audience. Obviously, people join Facebook support groups for different reasons, either for companionship, social interaction or community of purpose. Whichever reason it is, it all comes down to sharing information.

Niche groups such as Health groups are dedicated to dishing out endless values and tips as a way of improving members well being.

For every post, funny or not comes one or two lessons to learn be it real life situation or just made up a story.

After reading this post, you will come to agree that instantly leaving a Facebook group isn’t the right option. We agree that some admins make the mistake of adding members without their consent. However, No man is an island, with a huge community comes an opportunity to learn something new.

Social Media Support Group – Total Body Detox Group

Being fit and healthy contribute immensely to your confidence and self-esteem. The Total Body Detox group is created to help group members provide one another with daily health tips, detoxification tips, and daily motivation.

You get to ask questions. Share your struggles, challenges, progress, and victories. Join Total Body Detox group to get inspired on your journey to better health and fitness with the right nutrition, exercise, mindset, and lifestyle that will help you achieve all the benefits that come with total body detoxification.

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