7 Side Effects of Liver Detoxification You Should Know

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What are the possible side effects of liver detoxification?

What could possibly go wrong if you decide to take this healthy step towards a better functioning of your body system. If you are considering liver detoxification, then you should prepare for the side effects of liver detoxification in order to prepare for it.

Your liver is the largest organ in the body that plays a significant role. The liver is rubbery to touch and neatly, sitting at the right side of your stomach.  It is well protected and secured by the rib case so making it untouchable.The liver plays a crucial role that is germane to your existence.

Your liver filters the blood, detoxifies metal and toxins in the blood after retrieving them and metabolises medicines. Further more,the liver releases bile into the body and it aids blood clotting.The roles of liver can never be over emphasised.

The liver is a natural detoxifier in the body that removes unwanted materials in the blood stream and so the liver is always busy. Having said that, is it now possible or reasonable to detoxify a detox organ itself? Well,detoxification has become a street song in our world today.

Succinctly, liver detoxification is the process of stimulating the liver to eliminate toxic substances in the body system.Toxins in our environment have become unavoidable no matter the measures raised to control them,you are sure to come in contact with toxins on daily basis even from what we introduce into our body system and the external parts too.

Therefore, these activities can overwork the busy liver and slow down the detoxification process. Hence, liver detox or cleanse is meant to enhance the liver thus giving it a break. In the same vein, Are liver detox practices safe? What are the side effects of liver detoxification?

I believe there is a clear difference between making something more effective and repairing it if damaged. Prevention they say, is better than cure. Liver detoxification does not in anyway repair an impaired liver condition. Another misconception to be addressed here is that you should not expect liver cleanse process to fix your overindulgence habits especially when it comes to alcohol and processed or refined foods. These addictions cannot be treated by liver detox practices.

Side Effects of Liver Detoxification

However, many people ask questions on liver detox and backpain especially during a juice fast cleanse. Can back pain be the side effect of liver detoxification? In the course of this article, you will discover misconceptions, mistakes and side effects of liver detoxification.

Side Effects Of Liver Detoxification

  1. Side Effects Of Liver Detoxification – Liver detox and kidney Infection

You are often instructed to drink lots of water during liver detox to keep you hydrated. The water is also expected to flush out toxins in the body. I agree with this 100 percent. But do you know that there is a limit you can go? Taking excess water can also harm your kidney because the kidney keeps filtering excess water to send to the bladder which will always keep close to the convenience.

Too much water can affect the kidney negatively. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Do not  make your kidney work tirelessly while saving your liver. So you should consult your doctor to know what your limit per day is. Averagely, 4-5 glasses of water should be okay for you in a day.

  1. Liver detox and deteriorating health issues

This is one of the side effects of liver detoxification. Some people with health issues such as diabetes, kidney or liver diseases, heart disease, hepatitis B cannot just pick up any liver detox diet without consulting medical experts or else their condition may deteriorate. If you are diabetic, You can not just change your normal diet without talking to your doctor.

Are you suffering from kidney disease? Consuming too much juice smoothie will negatively affect your condition. And a person with liver damage engaging in fast cleanse is causing more harm. So, you should note that liver detox is not a remedy to liver damage or impairment.

  1. Liver detox and Lethargy

Some of the side effects of liver detoxification to envisage especially when you embark on a fast cleanse or juice smoothie are  headache, weakness, numbness, dehydration, fatigue, nausea and moodiness. In addition, metabolic activity is slowed down in your body at this period. Read cautions to heed before a liver detox on liver support.com for professional counsel.

        4. Liver Detox and Back Pain

At the point when you have embarked on a liver detox program, your body tends to work fast and touches old wounds. Every nooks and crannies of your body is ransacked for redundant or damaged tissues and cells which are eventually eliminated.

Side Effects of Liver Detoxification Consequently, this can cause you to feel pains in the affected region. A lot of people commonly experience this pain in their lower back down to the leg region of their body. There is no cause for alarm. It’s the healing process on the go. Similarly, at the lower back region, you experience pains as a result of rise in nervous energy.

This is caused by the movement of substances through your colon to be removed from the body. Just relax and ease the tension by stretching the body and engaging in some physical activities. Mind you, not a serious exercise though. You can just stroll out in the yard or stretch your back on a spot.

Moreover, the back pain generated may dam up to arouse sexual energy which of course can be relieved by spending quality time with your spouse.

        5. Liver Detox and Diarrhoea

This is another one of the side effects of liver detoxification. Consuming only fruits and vegetables during liver detox reportedly leads to diarrhoea and in some cases, constipation. Furthermore, if the liver secretes excess bile into the body, it can also lead to diarrhoea as well. At this point, the body is eliminating dirty toxins and materials in the blood.

It is therefore a normal process of healing which will definitely subside in less than 2 days. Which means these reactions are normal and should not therefore stop the detox process. When you notice this symptom, that is, diarrhoea, you can load up on starch foods such as potatoes or yams which will restore balance to the body if the diarrhoea persists.

         6. Liver Detox and Fatigue

Liver cleanse and fatigue are inseparable and identical. Fatigue is a common side effect of liver detoxification. This is actually related to your muscles and joint weakness. This happens as a result of reduced nutrients intake. And the only remedy or relief there is, is a nap. Alternatively, you can decide to go for solid meals as well to feed your body with nutrients as the case may be.

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