Quit Smoking Forever -7 Good Detoxification Tips To Cleanse Your Lungs

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We all know that the environment contributes a lot to the number of toxins in the body but some habits contribute more than the environment does. There is a great quest to quit smoking by individuals. Smoking has been touted as the number 1 cause of certain lung diseases. Smoking introduces thousands of toxins into the body and the damage isn’t restricted to your lungs, but also your liver, heart, and other vital organs.

You might be looking for ways to cleanse your lungs hours, days or weeks after smoking, but what’s the use of doing that when you’re going right back after the danger has been temporarily averted.

If you want to cleanse your lung and stay healthy, here is the rule:


No body detox mechanism will work when you’re still in the act. However, if you’re looking to flush out toxins from your lungs, here are 5 useful detoxification tips to follow

  1. Quit Smoking -Eat anti-oxidants rich food

QUIT SMOKING FOREVER: 7 DETOXIFICATION TIPS TO CLEANSE YOUR LUNGSIt takes real effort to do away with smoking, for most addicts, it’s a life-defining moment. After managing to do away with the act, the aftermath is where the big job lies. Your struggle continues.

Just quitting smoking, doesn’t automatically mean you’re safe or 100% healthy again, toxins that builds up during years of smoking camps somewhere around your lungs. Which leaves you in real danger if they aren’t quickly flushed out.

Thankfully, one of the solutions to that lies in your diet. Our food doesn’t just contain nutrients for growth, along with vitamins and minerals, certain foods contain useful compounds which aids the body in detoxification.

For the lungs, foods rich in anti-oxidants helps cleanse the lungs by flushing out free radicals. Here are examples of anti-oxidant rich foods to choose from: green tea, grapes, blueberries, spinach, Sweet potatoes, and fish.

  1. Drink detoxifying herbs To Quit Smoking

QUIT SMOKING FOREVER: 7 DETOXIFICATION TIPS TO CLEANSE YOUR LUNGSMany herbs have useful properties that support lung health.  Neem, dandelion, peppermint, and oregano are ever-present ingredients in most detoxifying teas, supplements, and recipes. Apart from the lungs, all these herbs are used for general body detox.

Rather than drinking carbonated drinks and processed juice, make a tea from any of the herbs or combine all in a single plate to reap its benefits.



  1. Avoid mucus-producing diets To Quit Smoking

QUIT SMOKING FOREVER: 7 DETOXIFICATION TIPS TO CLEANSE YOUR LUNGSNaturally, mucus production in the body serves as a “sticky tape” to collect dust, bacteria and other airborne particles that escape from the environment.

However, if you’re asthmatic or have a history with COPD related disease, excessive mucus production can cause harm to your health. Research shows that chronic mucous secretion may lead to death as a result of obstruction to the respiratory and pulmonary tract.

With these facts, it’s highly likely for smokers to encounter these diseases, to save you the trouble, here are common mucus- producing foods to consider removing from your diet:

Butter, eggs, red meat, soda, processed foods, coffee, alcoholic beverages.

Are these your favorites, not to worry there are tons of healthy foods left to eat and they are tasty as well.

Non-mucus producing foods

THEY include garlic, onion, lemon, ginger, celery, salmon and tuna.


QUIT SMOKING FOREVER: 7 DETOXIFICATION TIPS TO CLEANSE YOUR LUNGSCruciferous vegetables are a rich source of glucosinolates. High intakes of these vegetables have been attributed to lower the risk of lung diseases. In addition to chlorophyll cruciferous vegetables contain hydrolysis products which slow down the rate of metabolism thereby reducing the risk of cancer-sensitive hormones.

Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, kale, celery, and cabbage. These vegetables can be eaten raw or blended together to form a healthy detoxifying juice but be careful not to overexpose to heat or light. Most vegetables easily lose their nutrients when cooked or refrigerated for long due to their perishable properties.


QUIT SMOKING FOREVER: 7 DETOXIFICATION TIPS TO CLEANSE YOUR LUNGSResearch shows that most people don’t know how to inhale properly. Breathing exceeds just normal biological inhalation and exhalation of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Yoga poses like bridge, wheel and cat open and stretches the lungs to increase airflow. Yoga poses take advantage of complex breathing techniques to build strong healthy lungs. For smokers, yoga doesn’t just help improve lung health, it helps in mind detoxification as well. You get to relax, breathe slowly and sometimes meditate which is helpful in keeping your mind off worries like addiction.

Mastering any yoga technique takes days of practise. You may need an instructor for advanced techniques. For starters, learn basic techniques like bhastrika pranayama and kumbhaka, practise for at least 10 seconds for a minimum of 5 reps.


QUIT SMOKING FOREVER: 7 DETOXIFICATION TIPS TO CLEANSE YOUR LUNGSWater is a natural detoxifying agent. A glass of water straight off from bed help cleanse the body and create a better medium for the body to carry out its function.

However, drinking ordinary water may be boring. Infuse more flavor and nutrients by adding few slices of apple or lemon juice.




QUIT SMOKING FOREVER: 7 DETOXIFICATION TIPS TO CLEANSE YOUR LUNGSIf you want to leave a healthy life, keep your home clean. Before cleaning your internal organs, start with your living space. Clean your carpets, remove dust from your shelves, books, and cabinet.

However, when doing so use only toxic-free equipment.

Despite all the body detox methods listed above, the best and most effective for lung cleansing is doing away with cigarette especially if you’re an addict.

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