Lose Weight During Pregnancy – 5 Foods For Safe and Healthy Weight Loss

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Most women strive to lose weight during pregnancy so as to maintain their fitness level. It is very important that every pregnant mother should ensure to maintain the best detox diet plan during pregnancy. So many changes are sure to manifest during pregnancy, it is during pregnancy you begin craving for what you’d never crave for ordinarily.

Also at this same pregnancy period you’ll see a slim female turning out to become robust. All of these might seem normal to you yet there are some undergoing processes taking place in the body unknown to you.

Do you find yourself gaining more weight during pregnancy?

Well, no one has a particular reason for this experience but some doctors mapped out some best detoxification diet foods when you are pregnant.

5 Foods To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

I have undergone the study and found those foods could result to losing weight during pregnancy and here they are;

1. Dairy Products


These are known as protein base foods, during pregnancy a mother need to consume extra protein and calcium food sufficient enough for the growing fetus. Dairy foods are known for two quality protein which helps both the mother and unborn fetus.

If you want good amount of body detox diet such as calcium, B-vitamins, phosphorus, and magnesium as a pregnant women you need more of dairy products.

If you are a pregnant woman and you take Greek yogurt, try keeping up with it because it’s good for your present state of pregnancy. This is because it contains some probiotic bacteria which helps digestion process in the body and also prevent the activities of some aliments.

2. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes contains important nutrients which can help you stay health while losing weight during pregnancy.

Healthy body cleanse such as sweet potatoes are rich source of vitamin A which is very much needed for the growing process. Doctors often advise that pregnant women increase their vitamin A intake.

However, you should be informed that some animal based foods also supplies vitamin A to the body but they are not healthy.

More fiber can be derived from eating sweet potatoes thus increasing your rate of fullness and reduce your risk of constipation, diabetes, and also increase the level of detoxification during pregnancy.

3. Salmon


Omega-3-fatty acid is a major element to look out for. It can be richly found in salmon. Every woman with fetus needs good amount of omega-3-fatty acid in order to help the development of the eyes and brain of unborn fetus.

Omega-3-fatty acid can be found in good amount from some sea foods.

Nevertheless, doctors advised that consumption of seafood should be reduced minimal. This is because it comes with some contaminants mostly found in fatty fish.

I see most diet plan have seafood among its list not more than twice in one week. I believe they understand the needed dietary consumption of seafood for pregnant mothers.

4. Avocado


People underestimate the need for monounsaturated fat; I believe this is because of the exposure of people to other unhealthy source of fats. Avocado comes body cleanse detox such as with fiber, folate, vitamin E, C and K, copper and potassium. These entire element makes avocado a great choice for pregnant mothers.

The potassium in avocado could help prevent the cramps experienced on the legs by most pregnant women. You could eat more avocado that banana for potassium.

5. Berries


Berries are fruits having good amount of vitamin C, water, carbohydrate and some important plant components. It is very good in removing toxins from the body and helps your immune system function optimally.

Therefore you should give berries a priority within your diet during pregnancy.

6. Water


I have had encounter with numbers of people who often forget water is part food nutrient. While you carry a fetus you need times 3 of your normal drinking capability. This is because the fetus absorbs water from you so not having enough could make you feel dehydrated.

Whenever you become dehydrated you could begin feeling tired, headache, stressed, mood swings etc. And this is bad for you as well as the baby.

When you drink more water you get to help your digestion process better and even prevent the effect of certain conditions.

Detoxification using water helps pregnant women in removing toxins without doing much. It is the fastest way to remove toxins from the body or organ.


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