7 Liver Detox Tips To Pass Drug Test

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What liver detox tips can help you pass drug test?

If you are looking for liver detox tips to pass drug test, then there are things you need to know first. Liver detox is a way of eliminating toxins in the body system and blood stream. The liver is a major organ in the body that carries out this assignment but sometimes can be overloaded.

You can make your liver proactive and even stimulate it in a case of drug test in short time. Now, don’t become crestfallen and nervous that you have been scheduled for a drug test. Just chillax. We are going to discuss liver detox tips to pass drug test of any type.

Emphasis will be laid on liver detox because it is your significant agent of detoxification. The liver performs more than 500 functions in your body. So, it can be stimulated to remove the alcohol, marijuana, nicotine in your blood stream. The right place to start from is finding out…

Liver Detox Tips To Pass Drug Test – What Kind of Drug Test Am I Undergoing?

Before you start running from pillar to pole looking for solutions on how to successfully pass a drug test, you should know the type of test that is scheduled for you. Many times, drug test is mandatory when you want to start a new job, get into a new school, for driver’s test or even some companies that have policies that enforce random drug test.

Actually, there are 3 kinds of drug tests that you are probably going to encounter. The urine drug test, blood test and hair test. The most popular among them is urine drug test. Doing a urine drug test is simple. You are asked to submit a sample of your urine in a can. However, most companies request for your urinalysis.

Liver Detox and How Long Drugs stay in your Body

Liver detox tips work in two ways. You need to be aware that there is no amount of detoxification that can wipe THC metabolite in your body within just 24 hours. The good news for marijuana users is that it can be masked to make your test a walk over.

how to pass drug test with detoxificationLiver detox can be done effectively within 4 to 8 weeks to get the real job done. At the same time, if your drug test is on the way or few days, there is still no need to panic as there is still a way out. Let us take hair test for instance, your hair follicle can accommodate symptoms of marijuana for more than a month.

Moreover, alcohol can remain in your urine for 3- 5 days and 11- 13 hours in your blood. Cannabis spends 8- 31 days in urine and 15 days in your blood. Cocoaine lingers 3- 4 days in your urine and 2 days in the blood. A close gaze at these facts tells you that urine and blood tests are virtually similar.

Based on these variations, there might be differences in the complete removal of these drugs but surely, Liver detox tips are reliable

7 Natural Liver Detox Tips to Pass Drug Test

  1. Liver Detox Tips To Pass Drug Test – Stay clear of all forms of drugs

This may sound a bit impossible for chronic smokers but seriously, the key to liver detox to pass drug test is to abstain and you would have to quit cold turkey. Whether you smoke heavily or not, you have to stop when it is a week to your test. Therefore, during detoxification, you have to avoid all form of tobacco and marijuana so that it does not leave THC in your blood stream after you might have taken detox pills.

  1. Liver Detox Tips To Pass Drug Test – Hit the gym

Exercises and workouts help to increase metabolism. During this metabolic process, you sweat and expel metabolites in your blood stream. Exercises assist the cardiovascular system and eliminates fat. Drug soluble can be stored up in fat cells and once you engage the body in physical activities, the easier for the body to undergo cleanse.

You can try ranges of light to moderate exercises either at home or the gym like running, swimming and playing tennis. There is no need to engage in rigorous exercise if you’ve not been in the practice for sometimes. This regular exercise will help you to burn fat cells and shift your attention away from smoking with reduced withdrawal symptoms. Hence, you can start with 15- 30 minutes per day.

  1. Liver Detox Tips To Pass Drug Test – Take lots of water

Liver Detox for drug testWater is natural liver detox drink that flushes out unwanted toxins in the bloodstream. You should drink 4 to 5 glasses of water to constantly eliminate marijuana in your body. While water keeps you hydrated and ready for cleanse, it plays a major role in facilitating the liver detoxification.



  1. Green Vegetables

Veggies are rich in iron and nutrients that boost your metabolic activity. During liver detox, your metabolic rate needs to be catalysed so as to get meaningful results. Greens such as dandelion, broccoli, chicory, spinach, kale and cauliflower are great sources of fibre and antioxidants which are essential for a healthy liver detox.

  1. Liver Detox Tips To Pass Drug Test – Coffee

This nice morning treat best served warm or mildly hot stimulates the liver to get rid of marijuana and nicotine from your blood stream. Just like water, coffee too is a natural liver detox drink that remove the unwanted from the body systems.

  1. Lemon or Lime juice

lemon juice - liver detox tips to pass drug testLemon or lime juice mixed with warm water is an all time liver detox drink recommended by medical experts and dietitians. It is a recipe that flushes THC metabolites in your body and facilitates body cleanse. It is best served in the morning with water and sipped severally for the whole day.




  1. Liver Detox Tips To Pass Drug Test – Eat Organic Food

Another crucial liver detox tip to pass blood test is to avoid intake of processed and refined foods, sugary foods that can resuscitate your appetite for smoking, carbs so as to avoid fat storage in the body. The consumption of processed foods slows down liver detox process making it difficult for the body to rid itself of metabolites for extended period of time.

Junk foods definitely will only add insult to your injury because ordinarily, they are unfriendly to the liver. Whereas organic foods bring progress to digestion and metabolism which is needed for liver cleanse. Jon Barron’s article on Baseline of Health Foundation gives a 5-day plan natural liver detox recipe.

 liver detox tips to pass drug testIn addition, these natural liver detox tips have been proven to clean marijuana and tobacco in the body system within 30- 35 days. But just in case you are short of time and  you’re in bloody need of quick fix which I initially called “mask” at the beginning of this article.

Simply because you can not get rid of THC metabolites in just five days from your body system, then, you can resort to detox pills and products.

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