Liver Detox for Hair Loss – 7 Amazing Colon Cleanse Tips

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7 Ways To Do Liver Detox For Hair Loss At Home

Liver Detox for Hair Loss is easy to do.

Cleansing your colon to recover hair loss might sound a little bit out of place, I mean what is the relationship between a colon cleanse and hair loss? You might be thinking. Well, first you need to know what a colon cleanse entails. Colon cleanse involves the process of flushing your digestive tract clean and making it void of fecal residues.

Liver Detox for Hair LossOver a long period of time, most of the foods and junks we take in are an awful combination of a lot of toxic substances. The body finds most of them difficult to digest, so it lets them stay and they stay by clogging up your digestive tract or gut in the form of toxic debris. So you encounter a lot of gut trouble like constipation and bloating.

This blockage in the digestive tract obstructs the free flow of nutrients to the bloodstream and the scalp needs nutrients which could have been a lot easier if it sources nutrients directly from the food we eat.

But the way the body system works that; it sends nutrients from the foods you eat first to your vital organs like the liver and kidney and then the leftovers go to your scalp. Now imagine there’s a gridlock in the tract where nutrients are supposed to flow to your body’s major organs and then imagine the fate of your hair.

Generally, a colon cleanse is a detoxifying process and guarantees a total health status for you. You will need a colon to cleanse for hair loss and your liver is not also left out, you’ll also need a liver detox for hair loss because the liver needs to be active to get rid of toxins in your body that can hamper the overall function of the systems in your body which will affect your hair growth.

These 7 Amazing Colon Cleansing Ways Are Great Liver Detox for Hair Loss

  1. Always Stay Hydrated – Liver Detox for Hair Loss

Liver Detox for Hair Loss-stay hydratedThis means you need to take a lot of water, not necessarily getting yourself drunk with water daily. 2 liters a day would do the little trick. Water cleanses the colon by flushing out the pile of fecal deposits that have clogged your digestive tracts obstructing nutrient traffic and excretory activities.

Water is also used as in the natural liver detox process for hair loss as it detoxifies the liver by washing away toxins and passing them off as wastes. Always remember to take 2 liters of water daily, it’s the cheapest colon cleanse for hair loss you can ever try. A hydrated body is a healthy body.

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  1. Try a Colon Irrigation

The colon irrigation is one Liver Detox for Hair Loss method that is fast in action and you’ll start getting results in a couple of minutes after the process is completed. This process is undertaken by a hydrotherapist and it involves the pumping of some liters of water into your digestive tract via a small tube inserted in your rectum.

The water will be substantial enough to flush out the debris of excreta laying siege in your guts and make you feel better and by now you should be aware of what a colon cleanse can do for your hair loss situation.

  1. Take Supplements

There are lots of fine supplements licensed and approved by relevant authorities, they are in the market, malls, departmental stores, pharmacies, and herbals stores. You can try them out.

These supplements are natural products blended with synthetic ingredients that can guarantee you of an effective liver detox process for hair loss and colon cleanse if you follow it as recommended. Don’t forget to patronize reputable brands and leaves the quacks. These supplements are very powerful and you’ll notice positive results in weeks.

  1. Teas are excellent

Liver Detox for Hair Loss -Detox Tea recipesAnother one of the most beneficial Liver Detox for Hair Loss tips is the consumption of detoxifying teas. For centuries, teas have served a lot of medicinal purposes, especially in their Chinese roots. From the ginger tea to the oolong tea and turmeric, they are all great detoxifying drinks that you can afford and detoxify your body.

The green tea is one of the most amazing drinks that should be involved in your liver detox process for hair loss. It’s a super liquid and has been an active detoxifying herbal remedy as far as body detox is concerned.

As a matter of fact, there are very few body detox subjects you’ll find around that don’t contain the green tea whether in its single form or supplemented form in it. It is that potent and curing hair loss is just one of the many active detox roles it plays in the human body. One tea that has been scientifically proven to help with your hair growth and care is rooibos tea. It also has a lot of health benefits you wouldn’t want to miss.

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  1. Take a lot of fibers

Fibers present in fruits and vegetables are great for your colon. You usually call them roughages. They aid digestion immensely and continually cleanse the colon for proper excretion. Apples, oranges, pears, carrots, berries, bananas, beets, lemons, are all great sources of fibers and including them in your diet ensures that you stay healthy.

But if you are looking at having a colon cleanse for hair loss, then you’ll need to stay off processed foods for a while and focus on these fibers for about a week or two. The processed foods coming into your system will be a typical case of you emptying your trash can now and then filling it up with garbage the next minute. Other sources of fibers are nuts, seeds, peas, and whole grains.

  1. Detoxify Your Scalp with Lemon and Cucumber

This comes as an option if you are not a fan of taking things down your stomach for solutions. It’s a physical approach or says an external liver detox process for hair loss since the rest of the tips are factors of what you take in and the liver detox process works from the inside.

Liver Detox for Hair LossTo get this done,  you’ll need cucumbers and lemons because you’ll be making a juice out of them which you’ll use to apply on your hair.

The cucumbers and lemons will be grated and mixed very well before applying the paste on hair. You can take two tablespoons of the paste and apply on your hair.

Allow it on your hair for about an hour then wash it off with your shampoo and conditioner. This way, you can have your scalp detoxified and free of toxins ultimately.  Repeat the process occasionally (Once or twice a month) until you begin to notice results.

  1. Liver Detox for Hair Loss -Detoxify Your Scalp with Sea Salt

If you’ve been washing your hair with just a shampoo, you might consider adding natural sea salt to it because the sea salt is a hair detoxifier. It dissolves all the dirt in the hair and helps eradicate dead skins that are resisting the growth of your hair. It also helps in making your glow, that’s a plus.

Don’t use table salt that has been supplemented with anti-caking agents and other additives. Ask for the natural sea salt. You can do this once or twice a month like that of the cucumber and lemon. The sea salt is one of nature’s beneficial offerings that are good for the hair and skin.

The sea salt for hair loss is widely used in Indian and other Asian countries. It works in different capacities, form detoxing the hair, containing hair breakage to treating dandruff and scalp acne.

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