7 Interesting Liver Detox Facts and Fiction That You Should Know

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The liver is the second largest organ in the human body and represents the body’s main filtration, excretion, and detoxification system.

It is also involved in cleansing the blood, converting toxins to waste, and metabolizing nutrients to proteins.

Going by these liver detox facts, the liver is an integral organ in the body and its important to keep the liver healthy.

Due to the heavy task, the liver is saddled with, there have been various products and mechanisms proposed to assist in liver cleanse.

However, doubts still remain about how effective and genuine they are.

From liver detox diet and detox juice to smoothies, the question is: Do they really help the liver cleanse?

In this article, we aim to separate liver detox facts from fiction and to divulge what really works.

Liver Detox Facts

1. Liver cleanse is important in overindulgence of alcohol – Liver Detox Facts

The liver is naturally programmed to carry out the function of detoxification but what happens when it becomes overworked or overloaded with toxins. It simply stops working the way it opts to and these affect other organs as well.

Alcohol contains numerous chemical and biological toxins that not only harm the liver but also extend to the lung and kidney. In cases of heavy drinking, special detox is mostly encouraged to reduce the build-up of toxins.

2. Liver detox diets may not contain a balanced diet – Liver Detox Facts

Going on a liver detox diet may prevent you from eating what you love, you find yourself sticking to a particular type of food.

Most medical experts argued that even though detox diets help cleanse the liver, they do not always contain essential nutrients needed for body growth.

Can Fatty Liver Remedy program reverse fatty liver disease?3. Enemas aren’t 100% safe – Liver Detox Facts

Enema isn’t directly related to the liver but its sudden popularity can’t be ignored. It’s still a cause of controversy among doctors in the US as it has left many wondering if it really works.

It hasn’t stopped desperate persons from trying it out either.

First, it was prescribed as a solution for colon and digestive tract cleansing, recently enema is also touted as a weight loss solution.

With the sudden attention, enema is getting, it’s paramount to access if it’s really safe.

First, enema is expensive and the side effect that comes with it makes it highly risky to use.

Research shows that the following side effects may develop when using enema- Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and perforation of the rectum.

Liver Detox Fiction

Liver Detox Fiction #1: You don’t need supervision while detoxing

It is widely believed that we can carry out detoxification on our own without seeking the counsel of any health personnel. We go as far as embarking on detox from information present online without confirmation. Our body system is different what works for Mr. A may not work for Mr. B.

Detoxification is a delicate process since it involves vital body organs thus it should be done under the supervision of a health superior. Inform your doctor before embarking on a detox journey.

Organifi Green Juice powderLiver Detox Fiction #2: Liver cleanse help you lose weight

Many liver detoxification products are also sold as weight loss product, green tea is a good example.

However, there is no evidence to support these claims. In fact, some supplements can do the opposite.

If you’re serious about losing weight or getting a flat tummy, there are a number of solutions that truly work. Products like Flat belly detox, flat belly flush, and lean belly detox have 100% field record with positive reviews from customers.

All the products listed above are specially made to help you lose weight without spending long hours at the gym and it comes with no side effects.

Liver Detox Fiction #3: All liver detox products work

Contrary to this, there are many liver detox products sold that do not work. In fact, fake liver cleanse is more rampant than real ones. It has become almost impossible to find good liver detox products.

Preparing your own liver detox solution seems to be safer than buying packaged ones. However, there are few that still justify their price tag. If you’re looking to flush out toxins through already made solutions, try the fatty liver remedy.

Liver Detox Fiction #4: You’re helpless against liver diseases.

There are many preventive measures you can take to reduce the risk of liver disease. It starts by eating more natural foods and cutting down on processed foods, reduced alcohol intake, doing more exercise, and avoiding weight gain.

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