5 Awesome Liver Cleansing Teas That Are Good For You

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Teas are generally good, tasty and possess a plethora of health benefits to the body system. Liver cleansing teas help in detoxifying the liver. In medieval times, teas were majorly used for medicinal purposes only but later grew into the popular beverage it is today. Teas can be used to kick-start and light-up the body for the day’s activities and keep the body hydrated for a perfect day.

In some parts of the world, tea is being consumed daily as breakfast and used to entertain guests. Not many are however aware of the bounties that come along with consuming these famous liquids. Regular tea drinking might counteract some of the negative effects of smoking, though not a justification for smoking. However, it might interest you to know that there are teas that come packed with the potential of cleaning your body system off the numerous toxins you gulp in every now and then.

These teas are known as liver cleansing teas as they detoxify the liver. These teas are made from a fine blend of high-quality liver detox and liver cleansing herbs that are protective, stimulating and rich in antioxidants.

5 Liver Cleansing Teas For You

Here are 5 liver cleansing teas that will keep the liver healthy and aid the liver detoxification process of your body.

1. Liver Cleansing Teas -Lemon-Ginger-Turmeric Tea

LIVER CLEANSING TEAS Drinking lemon-ginger-turmeric tea is a healthy and natural way to cleanse your liver. The lemon ginger turmeric tea is a powerful combination of three super herbs that can cleanse and flush out toxins from your system.

The ingredients include; a fresh turmeric root, ginger root and lemon fruit all finely grounded to a powdered form. It is best taken in the morning either before a meal or during a meal, whichever you like is fine and works well.

You can add some tablespoons of raw honey to your desired taste and watch your liver get naturally cleansed and detoxified.

  1. Liver Cleansing Teas – Ginger Root Tea

LIVER CLEANSING TEAS Ginger is considered one of the best detoxifying herbs, regularly recommended in cleansing programs and detox diets. Ginger cleanses the body by stimulating digestion, circulation, and perspiration.

The digestive actions of ginger cleanse the build-up of toxins in the liver, colon and in other organs of the body. Ginger essential oils are an effective dietary supplement to ameliorate nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

They can reduce levels of fat accumulation in the liver and serve as a fatty liver remedy.

  1. Liver Cleansing Teas – Dr. Stuart’s Liver Detox Tea 

LIVER CLEANSING TEAS This is naturally a caffeine free tea by Dr. Stuart that is superb in liver detoxification. This tea is strongly recommended when it comes to the removal of toxins from your system.

It has great taste and contains powerful cleansing herbs of premium quality the like dandelion root, licorice, centaury herb, and milk thistle. The assemblage of these herbs helps to provide maximum support for healthy liver functionality.

It has 15 tea-bags in a pack, which are individually wrapped and are very portable. You can take them anywhere.

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  1. Liver Cleansing Teas – Liver Flush Tea


Liver Flush Tea by Baseline Nutritionals is an herbal detox tea that sacks toxins from the liver. It is made with one of the prominent and effective herbal lipotropic – the dandelion root, which expels and flushes fat deposits from the liver.

It also contains the Burdock root that has the same detox ability. This tea does not only help in liver cleansing but also minimizes any liver cleansing discomfort or nausea.

As an additional benefit, it also has a natural diuretic to improve the function of the kidneys.

  1. Liver Cleansing Teas – Liver Cleanse Tea

LIVER CLEANSING TEAS The Liver Cleanse Tea by Gaia Herbs is a liver detox tea with a pleasant minty taste, which aids the liver daily in two of its most prominent and important roles, which are natural detoxification and digestive support.

This tea contains dandelion root and artichoke, which are traditional purifying herbs, also with Chinese Skullcap that promotes a healthy inflammatory response and with Schisandra plant which provides antioxidant support.

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    I’ve been told by my doctor that my liver enzymes are a little high. I’ve started Pukka Cleanse tea, which contains dandelion root, peppermint and fennel. Should this tea help?

    Thank you


    • Hello Nigel,
      How do you feel now? And yes, the ingredients in the tea should help you. Make sure you take it the way you are instructed to and let your doctor be aware of this.

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