Keep Your Liver Healthy – 5 Eating Lifestyle Tips That Help

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How To Keep Your Liver Healthy

How can you eat to keep your liver healthy? First of all, how important is your liver?

The liver is one of the most vital organs that detoxify the body and perform various functions in the body. The liver is responsible for eliminating toxic substances in the bloodstream. It releases the bile to digest fat, stores vitamins and minerals and breaks down hormones.

Above all, the major task of the liver as a detoxifying agent in the body is to purify the blood from harmful or poisonous substances. However, these tasks can become overwhelming thereby causing injury to the liver itself. Hence, liver detox can assist the organ to optimally function as expected. Therefore, what are the ways through which liver detoxification can be done to keep your liver healthy?

Keep Your Liver Healthy

  1. Keep Your Liver Healthy With Raw Vegetable Juice

It is seemingly crazy to consume all varieties of raw vegetables because of liver detoxification. Moreover, you can juice up to 4-5 servings of vegetables in one meal since so many people find it difficult to ingest the detox salad. In fact, a juiced vegetable is easier to digest and absorb immediately by the body.

vegetable-juice-liver-detoxification-guideIt contains fiber that speedily removes toxins in the body. Raw vegetables in this category preferrable for juicing include brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, beets, and greens. You can also add lime and lemon, mint, parsley for spicing it up. Dr. Josh Axe’s Evidence-based research on Draxe provides more on raw vegetable juice.



  1. Keep Your Liver Healthy – Potassium-Rich Foods

Have you ever consumed 2,000 milligrams of potassium-rich foods in a day? Potassium consumption is crucial for lowering systolic blood pressure, cholesterol and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Beyond these, it assists in liver detox. Sources of potassium are bananas, sweet potatoes, tomato sauce, blackstrap molasses, beet greens, and spinach.

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  1. You Can Keep Your Liver Healthy By Avoiding Toxic Foods

Processed foods, high intake of refined sugar above 30 grams in a day, hydrogenated oil, diets that contain chemicals, preservatives, colorants, synthetic ingredients, and lunch meats are notably harmful to your system especially the liver.

 keep your liver healthyIt is vital to note that the liver is responsible for blood sugar regulation and when you ingest too much sugar, this makes the work of the liver more tedious. So, you can do well by giving your liver rest by avoiding these toxic diets in your daily lifestyle.

Similarly, hydrogenated oil is also disastrous to the whole body as it rapidly increases heart disease risk by 25 percent or even more. they also cause problems with the immune system which can lead to inflammation throughout the body.

Furthermore, added preservatives commonly found in fast foods have been connected to various deteriorating health issues. These chemicals normally used to preserve foods to prolong their life span, are bacteria infested and retain color. A great way to liver detox is eating an organic diet.

  1. Iron-Rich Foods Can Help You Keep Your Liver Healthy

Iron is a source of red blood cells, a key nutrient that is needed for development. The red blood cells or erythrocytes are responsible for transporting oxygen in the body. Excess iron is stored in the liver which plays a big role in the quantity of iron distributed to the body.

However, insufficient iron in the body can cause the liver to decrease its stores. In the same vein, an excessive quantity of iron in the body can cause inflammatory chemicals to be unleashed into the organ thereby damaging the liver.

In other words, if your system is iron deficient, it can result in health issues, at the same time, too much of iron can also be hostile to your health. Only ensure intake of recommended amount to facilitate proper liver function.

  1. Keep Your Liver Healthy – The Power Of Lemon Detox Water

 keep your liver healthyLemon water is another natural remedy to detoxify the liver. Drinking detox water such as water with lemon can provide assistance to the liver. Severally, it has been proved to decrease inflammatory problems in the body, brain lipid peroxidation and damage of the liver. Lemon water is a natural panacea to give the liver rest and rid the body system of toxins.

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