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We bring you tried-and-trusted daily tips on how to detoxify your body/life from toxins, stress and unwanted habits but that isn’t all we do… Our goal is to help you achieve your goal; weather it is to lose weight, lose belly fat, get pregnant, pass a drug test or to get healthier.

Why Detoxifytips?

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The Problem

Non-lifestyle factors; crab cravings, weight cycling and genetic predisposition and lifestyle factors; physical inactivity, overeating, processed foods and refined carbs influence our weight. A lot of people wants seek to lose weight. However, what do you do after you have done everything; engaged in regular workouts, switched to while food-based diet, practiced portion control and followed every weight loss tips and not lose weight? Yet, you still have excess fat stuck inside your body- around your midsection, arms and thighs. Isn’t it high time you switched your focus from all those things you have always believed to be the cause of excess body fat to what has been proven to make your body hold on to fat?

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The Cause?

Modern living has many blessings, but also exposes humans to lots of toxins, stress and unwanted habits, which almost everyone is trying to get out of. Millions of people find it hard to cope with the profound changes in their relationships, work, financial status and unpredictable events.

Only few people have the luxury to sleep for 8 hours in a day or cook every meal amidst tight daily schedule everyone struggles with. Most of us eventually get overwhelmed by everything going on around us and feel burn out. This makes it hard for us to pay attention to what we eat, touch, breathe in or use. Generally, it becomes hard to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.

This study and a National Report reveal more about how TOXINS or chemicals such as Bisphenol-A that is found in the things that we come across everyday; food, water, air and personal care products, affect our bodies negatively. This explains why our weight loss efforts are hardly rewarded.

The inability to manage the cons of modern living or properly eliminate toxins from our systems has left many people with systemic and health-related conditions. Some of these conditions include mental illness, poor dietary habit, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, obesity and hypertension.

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The Solution was founded to provide readers with tried-and-trusted daily tips on how to detoxify your body. Here, you will learn how to incorporate detox into your life, restore your health, enjoy toxin-free life and enjoy all the benefits that come with detoxification. On our pages, you will find educative articles on how to detoxify your body from toxic relationships, technology, fibroid and any form of addiction. Are you looking to get rid of toxins from your body to lose weight, get pregnant, pass a drug test or lose belly fat? We’ve got you covered. Learn about natural ways to detoxify your body with herbs, detox recipes and detox how-to guides. Get honest reviews of detox products and update yourself on the latest research on body detoxification for better health.

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