12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Tea For Detox

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Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Tea To Lose Weight

You are probably already aware of one or two health benefits of drinking red tea, but you are about to learn so much more about this. Drinking red tea for detox has gained popularity in recent years, especially since the release of Liz Miller’s Red Tea Detox program on the internet.

However, people are most familiar with using rooibos tea to lose weight and are not aware of its numerous health benefits. Rooibos tea has a lot more to offer everyone, whether you are looking to stay healthy, lose weight, grow your hair, reverse aging, cure an ailment, or to strengthen your bones. There are also lots of scientific studies to support this.

If you are considering drinking rooibos tea for detox, the following are the other ways you are also likely to benefit from this South African herbal tea:

  1. Detoxing With Red Tea Is Beneficial To Your Skin

Red tea has alpha-hydroxy acid and zinc, which are rare components that are not easy to find in nature but synthesized in labs for cosmetic use. These elements are clinically proven to reduce skin dryness and symptoms of skin aging, including wrinkles. They can also prevent the breakout of acne and can cure eczema or any form of skin inflammation. So, drinking Red tea can help you slow down the aging effects on your face.

  1. Drinking Red Tea Helps With Kidney Stone Issues

Unlike most teas, this popular South African tea does not have oxalate acid. This herbal drink has cleansing properties that can minimize the strain that toxic foods might have on the kidney, which is especially great for people who have a history of kidney stone issues.

  1. It Helps Keep The Bones Healthy

Having healthy bones is also one of the health benefits of drinking red tea. This herbal tea also has essential nutrients that can help you keep your skeletal structure healthy. It is high in calcium, manganese, and fluoride, which are all essential elements for bone growth and avoiding deterioration. Drinking this drink can prevent arthritis, chronic joint pain, such as osteoporosis or other bone diseases. The manganese content helps the body to secrete enzymes that can repair and strengthen your bones.

  1. Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Tea – Boosts Hair Health

This tea contains lots of essential minerals and nutrients, such as zinc, calcium, copper, and potassium that can help your hair grow healthy and strong. According to research, drinking rooibos tea helps to increase hair fibers’ durability and growth speed.

It can also get rid of dead skin cells on your scalp, thus preventing hair loss. The tea has polyphenols and other antioxidants that support testosterone in men and promote shiny, soft hair. Red tea is good for anyone who is trying to detox for hair loss.

health benefits of Rooibos tea

         5.  Red Tea Has Can Help You Breathe Easier

Thanks to red tea’s bronchodilators content, which promotes the dilation of bronchi and bronchioles, drinking this herbal tea helps you enjoy an increased amount of air that enters your lungs and with better speed.

Drinking rooibos tea is good for people who are suffering from respiratory diseases that cause difficulties in breathing. If you have asthma or bronchitis, red tea may provide relief.

        6. Red Tea reduces your risk of developing Anemia

Anemia occurs when someone does not have enough hemoglobin levels in our body. The rooibos tea plant is high in iron content, so it can help you increase the iron level in your body and reduce your vulnerability to anemia.

        7. This Tea Regulates Blood pressure

Rooibos tea lowers blood pressure because it is a bronchodilator. Not only does it relieve respiratory conditions, but it also reduces high blood pressure. High blood pressure is known to result in cardiovascular diseases. Rooibos tea has high antioxidant levels that support healthy and higher sperm count.

          8. Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Tea – Fights Cancer

The powerful antioxidants in rooibos have strong cancer-fighting effects. Research published in Stellenbosch University in April 2014 recommends skin-care products with rooibos extract for people, especially those who spend more time in the sun, to prevent skin cancer. It may also hinder the onset of malignant tumors.

          9. Detoxing With Red Tea – Helps With Cardiovascular Issue

Rooibos is high in aspalathin and nothofagin, which are two polyphenol antioxidants that combat damages, caused by free radical- the toxic by-products of your body’s metabolic processes. Another study also supports the drinking of rooibos tea for heart health because its anti-inflammatory properties also protect against heart disease.

health benefits of drinking red tea

        10. Rooibos Tea Is Good For Infantile Stomach Pains

Mothers in South Africa use Rooibos to treat stomach pains in children. Red tea has fibers that can reset a child’s digestive system and soothe cramps or pains in the stomach muscles. It is caffeine-free, so it does not cause insomnia or hyperactivity in children.

        11. Red Tea Can Prevent Obesity

Quercetin in Red Tea prevents fat tissues from accumulating in humans. This powerful antioxidant is a good reason why you should choose red tea for weight loss. It can suppress fat cells’ growth and may force existing fat cells to destroy themselves. A 2008 study by the University of Georgia shows that quercetin reduces fat accumulation by 70%.

         12. Combats Type 2 diabetics

South African researchers found evidence that suggests that rooibos is useful in combating diabetes because it has glucose-moderating effects. Researchers from Japan also suggest that the aspalathin in rooibos tea helps the muscle cells to effectively use glucose more effectively and maintain normal levels of blood sugar.

Additionally, results from the recent study carried out by the Tea Advisory Panel show that people that drank red tea had more stable fasting blood glucose. The antioxidants such as aspalathin in this tea have the ability to reduce your vulnerability to developing diabetes and assist with your recovery from exercise.

A study in 2013 shows aspalathin in rooibos tea has antidiabetic properties with the ability to counteract glucose intolerance in diabetic patients. If you are already vulnerable to diabetes, this drink will provide your body with enough antidiabetic antioxidants that will stop diabetes from causing any harm.

Why should you start drinking red tea?

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How To Prepare Red Tea For Detox At Home

Rooibos tea is very easy to prepare.


  • 1 rooibos tea bag
  • 2 sticks of cinnamon
  • 5 lightly-crushed green cardamom pods
  • Ground ginger
  • Saffron
  • 3 tbsp of honey


  1. Get your ingredients ready.
  2. Place all your ingredients in a saucepan. Remember you will need a large pinch of both the ground ginger and saffron.
  3. Then add 2 mugfuls of cold water to the boil.
  4. Reduce to low heat. Now, place a lid on the pan and gently simmer for 10 minutes.
  5. Bring down the pan from the heat. Pour the mixture into mugs while using a strainer to collect all the spices.
  6. Serve and drink up.

Then, your delicious and yummy cup of rooibos tea is ready. You can as well try other detox drink recipes you can start enjoying to lose weight gradually.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Tea – Take Away

Red tea is one of the best liver cleansing teas you can try today. If you are planning to detox with rooibos tea, there are side effects you should be aware of. While these effects are rare, it is advisable that you do not take an excess of it. Prolonged or excess intake can make you experience rooibos tea side effects such as excess estrogen, heart palpitations, liver issue, and changes in the reproductive system. Experts suggest that you drink between 4-6 cups of this herbal drink and spread it out all through the day to avoid side effects.


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