Grass-fed ghee and its advantages as a cooking oil

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Grass-fed ghee contains plenty of saturated fats. It has been estimated that grass-fed cow ghee contains almost 64% of good fats, which can help its consumers in enjoying several health benefits. Ghee can be used for external therapeutic massage as well as it can be used in cooking as a regular cooking oil.

Use of ghee as cooking oil is not a luxury, it is a healthy choice. Not only it adds a creamy texture in the cooked items with a delectable smell, but it also makes the cooked food low in glycemic index and easy to digest. People suffering from sluggish digestion problem may get benefits from their ghee diet if they can incorporate an active lifestyle.

ghee nutritional value

It is safe to cook with ghee

I found this trait of ghee is an interesting one. Grass-fed ghee is recognized with a high smoking point. Because of this trait, ghee stays safe and stable against its exposure to high temperature. No matter if it is baking, deep-frying, or sautéing in slow cooking, ghee can be the best cooking oil for me.

I have cooked with ghee on a regular course, and I found better digestive health for my family members. I have used ghee for cooking sweet dishes too, which is a definite advantage for its sweet aroma and rich creamy texture.

I have compared foods cooked in vegetable oil with foods cooked with ghee, and my family members have liked the ghee cooked food for its aroma and smoothness. We have found that ghee cooked foods are easy to digest as well.

Ghee is storage-friendly

Buying grass-fed ghee in bulk is an advantage for the pocket.  You can store the entire ghee in a container without the support of the refrigerator.

Furthermore, ghee is shelf-stable cooking oil. You can use cow ghee for cooking up to 12-18 months from its manufacturing date, which is an obvious advantage for buying it in bulk.  Simply preserve grass-fed cow ghee in an airtight container and store it in a dry and dark shelf in your kitchen away from sunlight and exposure to moisture.

It is allergy risk-free

I am lactose intolerant and as a result, I cannot take any dairy product.  But cooking with ghee is a totally new experience.  Ghee is free of casein and lacrosse and that makes it easy to digest for people like me.

Apart from using ghee as cooking oil, I can use it as a spread on my toast or seasoning of my chicken salad.  The vitamin content and fatty acids in ghee are heart-friendly, at the same time, I can add it to my morning tea/coffee.

Ghee helps in weight loss!

This is such a property of ghee fed ghee that I found damn interesting! I came across the quality through Rujuta Diwekar, the famous dietician of Mumbai. Ghee, due to its high calories works as a filler food and control your hunger pang.

Ghee in coffee in an empty stomach is a handy remedy to restrict calorie input.  Ghee diet coupled with an active lifestyle and regular workout helps in faster weight shedding. Yes, I tasted it and bingo! It worked for me.

Control on lifestyle disease

The butyrate content of cow ghee is a natural remedy for constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. But check before buying if you are using organic grass-fed cow ghee because the quantity of butyrate in pure ghee is higher than non-grass fed ghee variety.

These are the advantages of using grass-fed ghee as a cooking oil. Furthermore, I have found it healthy for age range in my family.  Moderation is the buzz word for cow ghee use:  with moderate use of this dairy delicacy I can keep the grocery budget within a healthy control. This is again a big benefit od cooking with ghee.

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