How To Eat Your Favorite Foods and Still Lose Weight

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Study Reveals How To Eat Your Favorite Foods and Still Lose Weight By Fixing Your Gut Flora 

How can you eat your favorite foods and still lose weight? What role does your gut bacteria play in all this? Losing weight is easier for some people than others, even for people who are on the same weight loss diet or workout plan.

Apart from the common causes of obesity, there are other factors that have been known to influence your weight loss and weight gain. This includes toxin overload in the body, your hormones and gut bacteria.

 fixing your gut flora - Eat your Favorite Foods and Still Lose Weight

Studies have proven that there are trillions of bacteria in your body; more than the human cells. The majority of these bacteria are in your intestines.

Gut bacteria play contributes to your health in several ways. This includes producing certain vitamins and communicating with your immune system.

Your gut bacteria also produce some chemicals that help you to feel full when you eat and the ways foods are digested are also influenced by them.

They affect metabolic health and insulin sensitivity. However, in recent years, different research groups have studied the role of the human microbiome in weight gain and weight loss.

It has been discovered that gut microbiota may be a deterrent to weight loss or support to it. This is confirmed in a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. This proves that you can reduce your obsession with “eating healthy”, eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.

According to another study, people who find it hard to lose weight have gut bacteria that use carbs very well, which gives energy to the body. However, the study also suggests that this gut bacteria’s increased ability to use carbohydrates well may be a deterrent to weight-loss deterrent.

In the study, people who successfully lost weight were discovered to have higher amounts of a bacterium known as Phascolarctobacterium, while the group that couldn’t lose weight had higher amounts of a bacterium known as Dialister.

how you can fix your gut flora to eat your favorite foods and still lose weightA 2015 study in people discovered that weight loss surgery may result in long-term changes in the gut bacteria of people, which contributes to weight loss.

Other studies and published online on HealthHarvardEdu have also confirmed the influence of the gut flora on weight gain and weight loss.

Truly, some studies reveal that diets that are high in fat can affect your gut flora by promoting inflammation and weight gain. Chrissie Mitchel, the author of the Favorite Food Diet program, also confirms this. However, she insisted you can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight because the type of fat you eat matters a lot.

This is because what you should focus more on correcting is not what you eat but fixing the problems that cause an imbalance in your gut flora. This means you can stop using restrictive diets, harsh workouts, or counting calories.

Having a diet plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight makes it easier for you to commit to your fitness journey. She advises that you should beware of diet plans that incorporate high content of refined soy oil, refined omega 6 vegetable oil, and high levels of inflammatory. This way, you will avoid heartburn and bloating.

If you have tried everything else and not losing weight, you should focus on fixing your gut flora. Healthy gut bacteria are important for healthy weight maintenance.

Eat your Favorite Foods and Still Lose Weight

Making dietary and lifestyle changes can help you alter the number and diversity of the microbes in your gut in a positive way. Rest well, sleep better and take healthy fats. You can also try total body detox or liver detoxifying diets to help you cleanse your colon.

High fiber foods such as fruits, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables can promote healthy gut bacteria. Avoid artificial sweeteners, unhealthy fats, and sugary foods. However, be sure you consult with your health care provider first before you make any serious changes to their diet.

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