In-Depth Review Of The Favorite Food Diet – Does It Really Work?

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In-Depth Review Of The Favorite Food Diet – Does It Really Work?

Are you are disappointed in your appearance and will like to get fit without sacrificing your favorite foods or engaging in rigorous weight loss workouts? Are you tired of using ineffective and unpredictable tips for your weight loss journey? Will you like to go for an alternative fitness program that works well to you with the slimmer figure you have been striving for? This is exactly what the Favorite Food Diet promises you.

However, does the Favorite Food Diet pdf system work? Can it deliver on all of its promises to you? There are many positive Favorite Food Diet reviews and users’ feedbacks but are they real or were they made up? If you, like most of our esteemed readers, are looking for an honest Favorite Food Diet review, then you are in the right place.

Favourite Food DietChrissie Mitchell Favourite Diet Review Content

This review is put together by our research team to give you answers to all the questions posed by our esteemed readers concerning the Favorite Food Diet guide from the series of emails we received from them. This review will be answering the following questions:

  1. What is the Favorite Food Diet pdf?
  2. Who is the diet created for?
  3. Who is the author of the program?
  4. Who is the Favorite Food Diet pdf manual not for?
  5. What is inside the system?
  6. Are there bonuses attached to the program?
  7. What are the pros and cons of the program?
  8. What is our recommendation concerning Chrissie Mitchel’s fitness program?

If you are already familiar with how the Favorite Food diet works and just looking for a downloadable link,


… or continue on this review to learn more.

Favourite Food DietWhat is The Favorite Food Diet Program?

The Favorite Food Diet is a comprehensive and educative diet plan that is designed to help you in shape and look better in no time while enjoying the foods you love to eat. The program provides the user with all the required information you need for your success with your goals. There are not many diets out there that allow you to eat pizzas, steaks, etc. This is a program that anyone can stick to long enough to see significant results

About The Author Of The Favorite Food Diet – Chrissie Mitchell

Chrissie Mitchell is a 43-year-old mom physical fitness expert, who has had to go through weight gain issues after the birth of her children. She is not a doctor or some scientist but her name and credibility are well-known in the fitness industry and this is due to her effective strategies at helping her clients achieve their weight loss goals.

She can relate to what it feels like to be overweight because all her efforts to lose weight after her third child proved abortive despite difference diets. People find it hard to stick to diet plans because using them is like going through torture.

This is why Chrissie set out to create a new form of weight loss diet plan that will help them reap the benefits without having to make any drastic changes. However, her new diet plan has become popularly known for its effectiveness and simplicity.

Inside The Favourite Food Diet Pdf Manual by Chrissie Mitchel

The Favorite Food Diet is a four-phase system that is based on the four following rules:

  1. Rule 1: The Importance of Whole Foods
  2. Rule 2: Nourishing your Microbiome
  3. Rule 3: Include your Favorite Foods
  4. Rule 4: Drink Clean Water every day

These rules are the foundation of the 4-phase process you can expect The Favorite Food Diet pdf guide to take you through. These four phases are:

  1. Weight-Loss Industry Deception
  2. The True Cause of Obesity
  3. The Program
  4. Recipes

This program explains how your gut biome affects your weight loss goals and your body; how the fitness industry has been making believe that what you eat are the cause of your weight loss issue and making you do things that aren’t effective. The Favourite Food Diet program has a comprehensive plan on how to help you tackle the real cause of your weight loss issue or obesity.

Part 1: Weight-Loss Industry Deception: This part discusses the growing problem, the implication of being overweight, and the myths surrounding weight loss. It also explains the conspiracy behind “staying fat”, the fake search for obesity cure, the impact of the diet industry in all this and how the Big Pharma has benefited from all these.

Part 2: The True Cause of Obesity: In this part, you will learn about insulin, the connection between sugar and fat and how your body stores fat. The chapter 4 in this part 2 explains the true cause of obesity, how your weight gain is being influenced by your gut biome, the symptoms of gut imbalance, the things that can affect the good bacteria and how can restore the good bacteria.

Part 3: The Program; This part helps you re-balance your gut biome and restore healthy microbes in your gut. The chapters discuss diets and what we eat, the importance of whole foods, how to nourish your microbes, drinking water, and how to include your favorite foods in the meal plans suggested by the Favourite Food Diet.

You will learn how to earnest the mind-body connection, how your subconscious could be keeping you fat and 30-Day visualization exercise. There are questions and answers sections in part 3 as well.

Part 4: Recipes

Favourite Food Diet

Who’s The Favorite Food Diet For?

The Favorite Food Diet pdf is created for anyone who wants to shed unwanted excess weight and is serious about it. It is also a great deal of choice for people who have struggled with weight problems for a long time.

If you can’t do without your favorite foods and hate rigorous weight loss exercises, the Favorite Food Diet pdf download is a program for you. If you want a diet plan that you can stick to for a long time, you will love this program.

Apparently, one of the reasons that diets fail is because they are too restrictive and suck the fun out of eating. That is not something anyone would want to do for long. This is why people throw them away as soon as lost body fat, and sometimes lose muscle mass along the way, which deprives them of getting a toned body.

However, the lost weight will later crawl back in within a short period of time, sending them back to the beginning once again. If you want to get rid of the endless circle of gaining weight, losing weight and regaining the lost fat, you can check out the Favorite Food Diet pdf manual.

Who’s The Diet Not For?

The Favorite Food Diet has an effective and proven plan of helping people lose weight rapidly, especially since you have the freedom of eating your favorite diets and not even in moderation. However, you shouldn’t see the program as a silver bullet or magic solution that will help you lose weight.

Anyone who is going to embark on their weight loss journey still needs to be able to put in the hard work necessary to achieve their fitness goals. So, the Favorite Food Diet plan is definitely not for people who are lazy or not willing to follow the instructions in the program to the letter.

Favourite Food Diet

In-Depth Review Of The Favorite Food Diet – Does It Really Work? 1The Favorite Food Diet Program Bonuses

Purchasing this program also gives you access to three bonuses, which are:

Favorite Detox Cleanse

The Favorite Detox Cleanse is the first bonus. It is a guide that shows you the shortcut to detoxifying your body and doing it in a fun, easy way without any complicated procedures that comes with the usual detox routine. The Favourite Detox Cleanse course is separately sold for $97, but it’s free for anyone who purchases the Favorite Food Diet pdf.

Favorite Wardrobe

There must have been a lot of times when you might have opened your wardrobe and believe you needed to get ungraded. Well, the Favorite Food Diet second bonus guide is offering this exact same thing.

You will get to choose the best dress options for yourself as you are shedding the excess pounds of body fat gradually. So, you won’t need to worry about the time you will waste in front of the mirror bothering yourself about what to wear ever again.

Favorite Recipes

The Favourite Recipes is the final bonus guide that comes with about 27 delicious desserts for you. They have all been prepared in ways that allow you to lose fat instead of gaining them.

This collection of Favorite Recipes comes with real info on how you can prepare and incorporate your favorite desserts into the Favorite Food Diet program. You can enjoy them while shedding the extra pounds.

Pros Of The Favorite Food Diet Program

  1. The program is designed for both men and women, according to the suggestions in the book. So, any gender can benefit from the guide.
  2. There are worries about major restrictions.
  3. You will have the freedom to eat your favorite treaties, which makes the diet easier to stick to.
  4. The Diet guide comes with useful information about losing weight and keeping it off for good for years to come.
  5. Flexible: Once your payment for the purchase of this program has been confirmed, you will get instant access to the Favourite Food Diet pdf. After this, you can download the content onto your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can take the program with you anywhere; such as the grocery store, kitchen or a quiet spot for your mind-body activities.
  6. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: Are you still wondering if you can really eat your favorite food and still lose weight? Well, the Favourite Food Diet pdf comes with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can try out all the tips and tricks in the program and if you don’t see any real results before that, you can get your money back.

The Cons 

  1. Even though you are allowed to eat your favorite foods, you can’t expect it to be like it has usually been with your eating habits if you really want to lose weight.
  1. The Favorite Food Diet is only available in PDF format.
  1. You need to put in the discipline and hard work.


It takes courage to make the decision to embark on the challenging weight loss journey to lose weight and get fit. Being overweight or obese is something that slowly eats away at your health initially but rapidly as time goes by. There are easy and hard ways to achieve your fitness goals.

The Diet offers you a unique and easy way to lose weight without having to make major lifestyle changes to your workouts and diets. However, as simple as the program makes losing weight seems, you shouldn’t expect it to be that easy if you are really looking forward to losing weight with the Favorite Food Diet pdf.

You can weigh the pros and cons of this Diet, and everything other things you have learned about the program on this Favorite Food Diet review today to decide whether the program is worth checking out or not. Don’t forget there is a money-back guarantee on this weight loss guide, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Favourite Food Diet

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