Detox Diets : Do They Really Work?

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Detoxification (detox) diets are said to cleanse the blood and remove the harmful toxins from the body. Nevertheless, it is not yet proven that they remove all harmful toxins in the body.

Firstly, detox diets are classified short term dietary interventions designated to remove all harmful toxins from the body. A typical detox diet involves the moment of fasting, trailed by a strained diet of fruit, vegetables, fruit juices and water.

In some cases, a detox may include liver detox herbsliver detox teasliver detox supplements and many more.

Benefits Of Detox Diets

  • Enable the organs to rest by fasting.
  • Stimulating the liver to eliminate the toxins.
  • To promote toxin removal through urine, faeces, and sweats.
  • Enhancing body circulation.
  • Providing the body with healthy nutrients.

There are reports from different kinds of people that they feel more focused and energetic during and after detox diets.

Nevertheless, this enhanced well being may easily be due to removing processed foods, alcohol and other bad substances from your diet.You could also not be lacking vitamins and minerals like before.

There are many powerful detox diet foods that can offer health benefits. These powerful detox diet foods can help you start your body detox pathways into high gear.

Best Detox Diets Foods



Dr Charles Passler, a New York-based nutritionist and founder of the detox program Pure Change explains that consuming garlic activates the liver detox enzymes. It has been discovered that these enzymes helps in breaking down toxins and removing them from your body system.

In addition, garlic contains 39 assorted antibacterial agents, therefore enabling the food look great in order of keeping illness at bay.

To get the best out of the flavor packed food, you select organic and fresh garlic when it is possible.
Consuming garlic fresh, the allicin compound can aid eliminate unfriendly organisms in your bowel that yields toxins in your gastrointestinal tract.

Broccoli Sprouts


Dr. Passler also explains about the superiority of broccoli sprouts as a detox. They are abundant in antioxidants and increase glutathione even preferably than straight broccoli, which means they aid both phases of Liver detoxification.

It is also observed by Dr. Passler that broccoli sprouts also contain a compound, precisely called indole 3 carbinol and that aids the liver detox excessive stages of hormones.

It should also be noted that the broccoli sprouts benefits go beyond just aiding the liver. They comprise the precursors of sulforaphane which has probably shown that it aids to prevent certain cancers.



Many people must be aware of the brain boosting power of the mighty walnut but most of these people do not have knowledge that walnut is also a whiz in the detox department.

Firstly, walnuts aid high circulation and blood flow that will enable the toxins to be efficiently transported from distinct points in your body system to the liver.

Walnuts are also plentiful in arginine, which aids the body to neutralize and cleanse toxic by-products of both ammonia and alcohol from the brain and other central nervous system.

It is advisable to individuals that are currently on liver detox diets to consume more of walnuts especially in the morning after breakfast. Consuming it will enable your brain and liver to be more active.



Beets activates liver detox enzymes and incline bile, which aids break down and engulf or swallow up healthy fats and fat soluble nutrients such as Vitamin E.

When the liver in the body changes fat and soluble toxins to the form of water soluble for excretion, it makes fast many of those toxins to bile so they can be accompanied out of the body in large intestines movements.

People who have not tried beet juice before should surely give it a try because of the enormous benefits that accompanies it. The beet juice has the ability to enhance exercise performance in order of improving liver cleanse diets and other detox diets.

Detox diets also offer other health benefits that may include the following;

Cellular detoxification

Blood purification

Liver detoxification

Gut movement and

Kidney cleansing.

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