A Useful Guide On How To Detoxify Your Body By Fasting

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How To Detoxify Your Body By Fasting

How can you detoxify your body by fasting?

detoxify your body by fastingContemporarily, body detox has become a catchword when it comes to leading a healthy life. Every day, we are exposed to toxins in our environment, from what we eat and drink. It is therefore recommended that we clean up periodically.

Body detox is a way of removing these excess toxins in the body to improve our health. Meanwhile, the body has organs responsible for body detoxification such as the liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system and skin.

A good body detox program is additional support to reduce the workload of these cleaning organs in the body to give them rest and stimulate them to an active quest to eliminate harmful substances built up over a period of time.

detoxify your body by fastingMoreover, there are several body detox tips but in this article, we shall dwell on detoxification by fasting. Basically, this fasting program recommends the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Well, you might say, “I don’t do drugs”, ” I don’t smoke” or “Oh! I watch my diet a lot so, I avoid junks”.

No matter how careful you are, you will definitely get in contact with toxins in your environment. To detoxify your body by fasting is a natural and healthy way to get rid of toxin overload in your body. Fasting rejuvenates the body through abstinence from certain solid foods. In this method, preparation is key.

Firstly, not everyone can do fasting especially people who have kidney disease and diabetic patients. It is essential to prepare yourself very well for cleansing fast. Dr. Jockers’ article gives the best practices for preparing to go through a cleansing fast.

Embarking on a fast gives the body a break, the organs responsible for breaking down and removing toxic materials in the body can now do other things such as self-healing and attending to other parts of the body with injuries. You may be wondering how possible this is but seriously, our body has the potential to self-heal if we allow it

Detoxify Your Body By Fasting – Types Of Detoxification Fasting

There are two ways to go about it if you want to detoxify your body by fasting:

  1. Juice Plan 

detoxify your body by fasting

This is a common way to detoxify your body by fasting. Juice plan is the process of consuming juice from fruits and vegetables for a period of time. Juice cleansing ritual is an act of avoiding solid food for body detoxification purposes. Natural juice is made up of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in vegetables and fruits.

While giving the digestive system a break, this detox plan also supplies the body amazing treat of nutrients. It is said that juice plan reduces the risk of cancer too, though it has not been confirmed.

  1. Water Fast



You can as well detoxify your body by fasting using water. This is the simplest fast and easy to do at home. Drinking and consuming only water to cleanse the body system for a period of time. In this process, you tend to also lose weight. During this scheme, you take water differently from your normal meal times.

Also, you may not want to do tiresome tasks as you are going to need some time to rest. Ensure you are in contact with your doctor to know the quantity of water to consume and how long you can do this fast.

Detoxifying Your Body By Fasting – What To Avoid

It is imperative to note that there are certain foods that you must avoid during fasting to detoxify your body.

  1. Salt

Actually, salt is rich in some nutrients that it supplies the body, at the same time, cutting down on other foods (especially solid) will also affect the intake of salt. Mostly if you are the type that consumes a lot. In fact, too much salt in the body can cause hypertension.

  1. Alcohol

To detoxify your body by fasting, you need to avoid alcohol. Consumption of alcohol overworks the liver. The liver breaks down the alcohol in your system. Needful to talk of those who drink to a pulp. Abstinence from alcohol will give your system a break.

  1. Eggs and Meats

detoxify your body by fastingDairy products have high saturated fats especially when they are processed. Even unprocessed meat gives the digestive system a back-breaking task. Abstaining from them will help the body recover for some times.

  1. Sugar

Unbridled intake of Sugar or refined sugar is toxic in the body system. The liver is a blood regulator and the regular intake of sugar makes the work of the liver more tedious. So, in order to properly detoxify your body by fasting, stay away from sugary foods and white sugar itself.

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