10 Powerful Detox Herbs To Help You Get Rid Of Toxins Naturally

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10 Powerful Detox Herbs To Help You Get Rid Of Toxins Naturally

Feeling fatigued, or experiencing lack of energy and hormonal imbalances indicate the need for liver cleansing. There are many powerful detox herbs which can help support the liver and kidneys in flushing toxins from the body

Detox Herbs To Help You Get Rid Of Toxins Naturally

Here are 10 detox herbs to rid your body of toxins and waste thereby restoring your body back to normal.



The health remedy provided by dandelion roots dates back to centuries. It’s used as a healing plant in China and other parts of the world.

These medicinal herb holds cure to alot of diseases which affect vital body organs like the liver, kidney and gall bladder.

Talking about the liver, Dandelion plays a vital role in stimulating the release of bile out of the body. Bile is seen as channel in which toxins are excreted from the liver. Stagnant bile don’t just cause the liver to become congested it also leads to gallstone.

One great thing about dandelion is that all its parts from the roots to the leaves support the body health wise. The leaves are however the most important part of body detox because of their diuretic action.

Dandelion can be used in a number of ways and it includes blending together with liver detox Juice. For better result buy a dandelion tea and add one teaspoon to warm water and drink after breakfast and before going to bed.


turmeric spice

Turmeric is a yellowish powder found in every indian woman’s kitchen. It is the key ingredient in most indian cuisines but its use isn’t restricted to only your kitchen.

Turmeric performs alot of wonders in our body including detoxifying the liver. Using turmeric as a spice helps improve digestion, circulation and balances blood cholesterol level.

In addition, turmeric has been found to possess powerful antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties which improves the functionality of your liver.



Just like green tea, garlic do not directly induce detoxification, it merely act as a stimulant by increasing the production of antioxidant gluthathione.

Due to its availability and versatility, it is one of immense importance you include it in your detox diet plan.



For years peppermint has been used for not only digestion but also detoxification. Today its use isn’t only limited to those two. Its cure spread to health issues which includes menstrual cramp, cold and gas.

It’s popularity among medical experts is largely due to its ability to aid the liver detoxification. For body detox you can prepare it as tea by soaking dry peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water for few minutes.

If you can’t stand the smell of mint you can purchase peppermint in capsule from any health store.



If you aren’t comfortable with the bitter taste of mint you can try out other herbs. Am personally not a fan of neem and won’t be trying it out anytime soon.

For the record, Neem is a powerful detoxifying agent. It doesn’t just help your liver detoxify, it also flushes out toxins from other important organs in the body and it does this without creating any side effect.

Although neem leaves are bitter, is its bitterness that seems to stimulate the liver to carryout detoxification efficiently.

Crumble its leaves to drain out it juice and add little water when squeezing to reduce it’s bitterness.



Cilantro is the leaf of coriander plant, I guess you too didn’t know this.

Cilantro not only add flavor and aroma to our food, it supplies the body with lots of vitamin c even more than oranges can offer.

Cilantro contains antioxidants which Not only help your liver cleanse but also helps flush out toxins from your blood stream.



The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “thyme” is aroma. This herb adds more taste and flavour to your food but do you know thyme does alot more?

Thyme has antibiotics, anti fungal, antiseptic and diuretic properties which makes it a top pick for all season.

In addition to treating respiratory infection like cold and flu, thyme has been found to help the body eliminate toxins naturally and boosting the immune system to fight off foreign agents at the same time.

To derive the amazing health benefits of thyme, utilize the fresh herbs and not the processed version sold.


red clover

Red clover has been used for ages to combat menstrual pain and acne prone skin. However, it functions outweighs that. It’s hard to imagine a disease this powerful herb can’t heal.

Its healing effect includes acting as a diuretic and blood purifier. Its ability to influence the production of urine creates multiple pathway for toxins to leave the body.



Alfalfa houses alot of nutrients ranging from vitamin A, D, E and K. Its nutritional content is the reason why it was named “Alfalfa” (father of all foods) in Arabic.

Alfalfa helps purify the blood and liver, and also detoxifies the urinary tract.


milk thistle

Milk thistle is specifically for liver detoxification. It has proven to not only detoxify, but also rejuvenate and protect the liver.

When using herbs for body detox, it’s important to seek the advise of a qualified health personnel. The diuretic effect of these herbs may harm the body if not utilized appropriately.

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