8 Best Detox Drinks For Alcohol

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Detoxifying the body is an act of resuscitating and revitalising your body system. Basically, detoxification is the elimination of toxic or harmful substances in the body to restore health and balance.

Alcohol is a potential toxin in the body that can cause harm to the liver. Detox drinks flush out these toxins from destabilizing the liver.

Detoxification for alcohol is very much possible with detox drinks that are home made and natural to rid the body from over indulgence.

Detox drinks support your body’s detox systems with natural and rich nutrients to keep you in form. Furthermore, they help restore balance from inside out.

8 Best Detox Drinks For Alcohol

Here are eight (8) best detox drinks to cleanse your body from toxins caused by alcohol;

1. Water


Water is a universal detox drink. You will agree with me that consuming lots of water is good for your body system. It aids digestion of food and flushes out unwanted materials in your body.

In other words, detoxifying your body through water is one of the natural ways to detox your skin. In the digestion process, water dissolves toxins and waste substances in your body and flushes them out.

So, every morning you wake up, drink lots of water. Apart from meal periods, ensure that you stay hydrated with regular intake of water.

However, be careful not to belabour the kidney through excessive water intake. You can consult your doctor to know the quantity you should drink in a day.

2. Detox Tea Program – Best Detox Drinks

detox tea

The recipes for this detox drink are simple and straight.

Firstly, green tea is made of polyphenols, these are antioxidants that eliminate radicals that cause cell deterioration, modification and destruction in the body leading to deadly diseases such as cancer. So, you should consider taking this every morning.

Also, the lemon ginger is another unique detox tea recipe. The ingredients needed are ginger, tumeric, lemons and raw honey. Blend together for a gingery morning treat.

Lemons are rich in antioxidants for removing free radicals in the body. Ginger and tumeric serve anti- inflammatory benefits.

In addition, another kind of this scheme is apple cider tumeric drink. Simply blend apple cider vinegar, lemon and cayenne pepper. These ingredients help your body detoxification process naturally.

Apple cider vinegar is embedded with antibacterial and cayenne assists natural body detoxification process.

Lastly, dandelions are amazingly wonderful. They are embodiment of potassium, vitamins, calcium and iron. Dandelion as a one of the detox drinks is capable of removing toxins through your kidneys and liver because it is a diuretic.

Boil dried dandelion root and fresh dandelion leaves for 10- 12 minutes. Here is how to brew dandelion detox tea.

3. Vegetable Smoothie – Best Detox Drinks


Undebatably, vegetables are most beneficial to the body. Vegetables are made up of a great deal of nutrients and vitamins that boost all-round fitness.

These green juice detox drinks are medically proven to be the healthiest especially broccoli, spinach and kale. I call them green juice because these detox drinks are made significantly with green vegetables.

Vegetables are natural body cleansers. They aid digestion and bowel movement. The ingredients needed are also contained in Levana Kirschenbaum article on GAIAM.

In the same vein, broccoli smoothie, cauliflower berry detox drink and dandelion green smoothie are some other new recipes to detoxify the body.

Similarly, your green smoothie can be made from blending two celery sticks, one cucumber, two handfuls spinach, one handful kale, one handful parsley and one handful lettuce.

4. Citrus Blend Juice – Best Detox Drinks

orange citrus juice

Citrus is a family of juicy fruits made up of orange, grapefruit and lemon. You can simply juice one small lemon, two oranges or more and one grape fruit. You can also spice it up with honey.

Furthermore, you might want to consider the orange juice alone. It is as well highly rich in vitamins and minerals. This detox drink can help prevent cell damage or deterioration in your body.

5. Lemonade – Best Detox Drinks

detox drinks

Lemon contains citric acid and ascorbic acid which facilitates the detoxification process. It is also an antioxidant whic breaks down toxins in the liver.

This is one of the best detox drinks which is easy to make by simply adding lemon juice to water and ingesting. You can choose to mix with pure syrup and cayenne pepper to taste.

Also, it is important to note that it is very effective when taken in the morning before breakfast.

6. Beet and Carrot juice – Best Detox Drinks


Beet juice on its own is a great food. It is an awesome source of vitamins and minerals with antioxidants that purify the body.

Now combining beet and carrot to make juice is one of the potent detox drinks for your kidneys and liver. You can blend 3- 5 carrot sticks with 2- 4 small beets.

You can also boost this blend with one stick celery and one cucumber for an amazing detox drink in the morning which works well for the liver.

Just in case, you may choose to replace beets with apples, lemon and dandelion leaves to get a dandelion detox juice. In the same vein, carrot is a root vegetable that is highly nutritious and perfect for good health.

Carrots are major sources of beta-carotene, fiber, potassium, vitamin k and antioxidants. It has been proven that carotene is linked to reduced risk of cancer.

The fiber can impair the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract, reducing blood cholesterol. Its powerful antioxidants reduces risk of many diseases including cardiovascular disease and certain categories of cancer.

7. Lime water – Best Detox Drinks

detox drinks

Lime, also is rich in citric acid which aids the absorption of aluminium hydroxide. Lime stimulates your liver to decapacitate toxins that cause cancer in your body.

Limes supply your body with potassium, vitamins, magnesium and calcium. Drinking water with lime juice supplies antioxidants in your body.

This detox drink improves digestion and enhances bowel activity. Antioxidants in lime increase healthy cell growth and reduce risk of cancer. Lime is also anti-inflammatory.

Lime water can also be used as a liver detox juice to cleanse the liver and lose belly fat.

8. Tropical Juice – Best Detox Drinks

tropical juice

This is the combination of papaya, pineapple, kiwi and then coconut water. You should also add ginger to the blend. This blend enhances the digestive system too and it is a great way to body detox.

These tropical fruits are great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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