Dangers Of too Much Toxins – 4 Good Ways To Detoxify And Avoid Them Today

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Our world has come to a point where the chemicals and toxins generated from man’s activities does not only affect the ozone layer, it also affects your body. While few of these chemicals are beneficial to your body, others are harmful and detrimental to your health. Toxins here refers to poisons that are capable of causing harm to your body. These include the food we eat, air we breathe, and the water we drink.

Beyond that, we tend to come in contact with toxins from our environment through cosmetics and skin care products, clothing, mold, household cleaners, pesticides, body sprays, drugs, emissions from cars and even cell phones.

Most of these things contain preservatives, additives, artificial colour and pollutants. Although, the body has a natural body detox mechanism but when the detoxification organs are belaboured with excessive toxins they can become worn out. Toxic substances slow down the liver from getting rid of harmful substances in the body which are poisonous in the body.


  1. Unending Lethargy

DANGER OF TOO MUCH TOXINSYou just feel tired even though you just woke up early in the morning. This is the end result of excess toxins in your body. It shows that your body is stressed up because of high toxic load.

The body is overworked because it is overloaded with toxins. When the body is stressed over a long period of time this way, it lead to adrenal exhaustion. This exhaustion brings about undue tiredness and weakness.


  1. Weight Gain

In this case, instead of losing weight, you just add on. Probably, you have exercised your body and cut back on your calories to shed off weight and instead your weight is rapidly increasing. This could be as a result of hormonal abnormality caused by some toxins. When some of these toxins become too much in your body, they are stored up as fat.

  1. Immune System Diseases

DANGER OF TOO MUCH TOXINSIn the condition of toxicity, your immune system reacts to diseases instead of combating them. The immune system will then treat nutritious foods as enemies which can result in inflammation.

This condition can have adverse effect on the digestive system resulting in an irritable bowel syndrome and stomach upset.



  1. Skin Disease

DANGER OF TOO MUCH TOXINSPart of the manifestation of toxin overload is the reactions visible on the skin such as rashes, eczema or psoriasis, acne and other skin problems. It shows that you are due for body detox. Of course, these skin reactions can be the adverse effect of cosmetics and skin care products.




  1. Bad Breadth

DANGER OF TOO MUCH TOXINSYour digestive system plays a significant role in determining this. High load of toxins in your body mobilises microbial imbalance in the digestive system and causes disorder to the gut flora which will affect your breath no matter the measures you have taken to get rid of it.

It will not work until you detoxify your body. By and large, preventing or combating these dangers can only be achieved through detoxification.


What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is how the body eliminates toxins and harmful substances that have the ability of causing damage. Vividly, the liver is a major organ that carries out this ritual though not it is not the only one. Hence, it is mandatory to pay attention to the cues for effective liver detoxification.

  1. Eat Organic Food

DANGER OF TOO MUCH TOXINSHigh load of toxins in the body is due to the rising consumption of processed, fried, refined foods packaged with preservatives and artificial colourants.

Excessive intake of hydrogenated oil and refined sugar on daily basis exposes the liver to unnecessary workload which is detrimental to your health.

Organic foods equal to Liver detox diet that naturally stimulate the liver to optimally function and give the liver the needed break to regenerate. Consume green vegetables and fruits regularly. Load up on organic diet and your body will be in shape in no time.

  1. Drink lots of water

DANGER OF TOO MUCH TOXINSWater is a natural liver detox drink. Water aids digestion and flushes out unwanted toxins in the body apart from the fact that it is crucial for survival. Ensure you take up to 4 to 5 litres of water in a day. You can also try the natural detox water too.


Lemon water is a natural liver cleanse drink. Simply add lemon to a cup of warm water in the morning and help your liver detox process. Similarly, you can also drink water with some oranges and stawberries.

  1. Detoxify by fasting

DANGER OF TOO MUCH TOXINSDuring the fasting period, you only consume raw vegetables and fruits. This is one of the natural ways to detoxify your body because your body recovers fast when you abstain from certain solid foods for a while.

Although you must be prepared before embarking on this. However, Dr Jocker’s piece on Dr Jockers gives the best routine for preparing to go through a cleansing fast.



  1. Formal Detox plan

Dangers of too much toxins

You can try a formal detox plan. The right detox program will help when it comes to controlling cravings, losing weight, losing belly fat, getting a good body shape and significantly reducing your risk of developing toxin-related diseases.

Most detox programs come with  drinks,  soups, workouts and lots more. Some programs follow a 7-day plan while others follow 21 days.