8 Silly Body Detox Myths Debunked

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There aren’t just myths about the Loch Ness Monster and Santa Claus; there are also a lot of body detox myths.

What is body detox?

Body detox or body cleansing is a kind of optional treatment whose objective is to get rid of toxic and harmful substances that have accumulated over a period of time resulting in negative effects on one’s health.

We are often exposed to a volume of toxins in our environment through food, water, air, and drugs. Body detoxification assists the liver by eliminating impure substances and toxins, cleanses the blood, and aids the body to function maximally through the nutrients it supplies.

Body cleansing is achieved commonly by fasting, dieting, colon cleansing, and a host of others all subject to the recommendations of your medical practitioners.

What is a body detox diet?

Detox diet categorically means a diet package that aims at removing and eliminating all forms of toxins in the body over a specific period of time.

Majorly, the diet program is meant to regulate the number of chemicals, calories, and vitamins you take in. Detox diets have a high quantity of fiber. It is said that they stimulate the body to eliminate excess fats, harmful toxins in the blood through the skin, urine, feces, and sneeze.

Naturally, the body has its own way of removing toxins and other harmful substances with the help of the liver in which a healthy detox diet plays significant roles.

It is essential to be aware of the right type of body detox program or diet before indulging in any. This is because if it is abused or wrongly administered, someone might end up doing the body more harm than good.

Let us, therefore, consider some common body detox myths.

 1. A detox diet is a substitute for exercise – Body Detox Myths


It is ridiculous that you lose muscle in an effort to lose weight.

Meanwhile, this is an issue when you decide to shed weight by engaging in a detox diet and ruling out the place of exercise. Whether you go to the gym or you do indoor exercises, it will boost a healthy muscle in addition to whichever detox program you are on.

Therefore, there is a place of detox diet and exercise as none can be used to replace the other.

2. Body detox is compulsory – Body Detox Myths

As mentioned earlier in this article, body detox is a means of getting rid of toxins in the body. These toxins are elements that are present in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

To be candid, the body has a built-in mechanism for removing and eliminating toxins. How?

The kidneys, liver, intestine, skin, and lymphatic organs are saddled with the responsibilities of removing leftover waste, excess, and harmful substances in the body. So, the topic of body detox is not a mandatory program.

Rather, it is meant to stimulate body cleansing organs inside out to rest and perform the purification process optimally.

3. Starvation mode and juice fast during detox – Body Detox Myths

The opinion that you need to avoid food and cleanse your body with some unknown fruits is a myth. Basically, there are nourishing foods that have the ability to purify your bloodstream while detoxing.

In the same vein, it is unhealthy to start avoiding substantial foods and taking only juice.

However, there are drinks that naturally detoxify without you necessarily juicing vegetables and fruits. Jody Braverman’s write up on live strong gives an expert opinion on starvation mode and weight loss.

4. Detoxification is a quick fix from overindulgence – Body Detox Myths

During Yuletide, people tend to eat and drink without caution.

Aftermath, many resort to detoxification as a simple means to quickly clean up their mess.

You might get results very fast but in the long run, it is not sustainable. Sound health should not be seen from the angle of a quick-fix but from long term healthy habits that we are accustomed to.

Since people only detox for body detox’s sake, they definitely return to their old poor habits which makes it hard for the body to respond significantly to the program.

5. Body detox is the fastest way to shed weight – Body Detox Myths

lose weight-common-body-detox-myths

Of course, it is very easy to lose your body weight in a moment. The thing is, once you stop the program, your body retains the former shape.

Cultivating any body detox habit must be a priority with consistency. If you are not consistent with the plan, nothing much will change over time.

Detoxification aids to free your stool through diarrhea.

Consequently, there is a weight drop. But as you start feeding the body again, the stood dams up again. This indirectly means that you lose weight as long as you continue the body cleansing diet.

The best method on how to detox as regards weight loss is through ingesting low-calorie diet and exercising. Healthy eating plans and workouts will regulate your body weight and give you a healthy life.

6. Drinking lots of water detoxifies the body – Body Detox Myths


Drinking lots of water to detoxify the body is a half-truth. Although water assists the kidneys and liver to work properly, too much water at the same time is detrimental to the body.

Too much water can affect the electrolytes negatively in the body and also overwork the kidney that is trying to remove excess amounts of water. There is a limit to the amount of water to take even in a detox diet.

7. Malnourishment for the purpose of body detox does not have an adverse effect – Body Detox Myths

The following are the classes of food that are quintessential to keep the body in a sound state – Protein, carbs, and fat. They assist the body to absorb minerals and vitamins as well as aiding the function of the brain.

When you exclusively remove these nutrients from your meals, there is the possibility of slow metabolism, dry skin, weakness, and reduced energy.

Therefore, malnourished yourself to body detox can have negative effects.

8. The sauna is the only body detoxifying means – Body Detox Myths

Sauna is a great way of eliminating toxins in the body. Nevertheless, it is only intended for near term detoxification. Staying too long in the sauna leads to dehydration.

However, sweat is not the only way to get rid of toxins in the body. Relying only on this can impede the body to detoxify later on.

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