7 Cleansing Tips To Improve Your Liver And Kidneys Functions

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Every organ in the body is of vital importance and needs adequate maintenance to function optimally. The liver happens to be the largest organ in the human body with over 500 functions and weighing about 1.4kg. As part of the liver’s numerous roles in the body system, it filters and detoxifies everything you eat whether solid or liquid. It keeps the body free of toxins and aid digestion properly.

The kidneys are also very important, bean-shaped as they are and facing each other, their roles involve waste excretion, balancing the acid content in your body, regulating your blood pressure levels, creating hormones and many other functions.

There are some habits you’ll cultivate that will continually cleanse these two organs and keep them high inactivity. You can also mess things up for them too with some of your bad eating habits.

But we are more concerned about helping you get the best of these organs which is why this article will be anchored on tips to help you cleanse your liver and kidneys. So here we go!

Clean Your Liver and Kidney With These 7 Tips

  1. Never Stay Dehydrated

liver cleansing tipsIf you want your liver and kidney to give you the best of what they do, then you have to keep them up and running with hydration. Water is like their fuel and they need it to function in their maximum capacity.

Every organ in the body needs water to function, so not only will you be doing your liver and kidney great favors by staying hydrated, but you are also keeping the rest of your body organs away from hibernating.

There are recommended volumes of water you should consume daily, stick to them and help your body organs provide you with fringe benefits.


  1. Be Careful Of Your Food Choices

7 liver-cleansing tipsRemember; what you eat is a crucial factor when it comes to the state of your health. You could literally end your life with what you take into your mouth. In this case, it’s about your liver and kidneys. Make food choices that will promote the health of your kidney and liver.

You can include these fruits and food supplements to your diet: grapes, cranberries, liver cleanse herbs (dandelion root, milk thistle), green vegetables, calcium-rich foods (almond and cereals) lemons and many more.


  1. Stay Fit With Regular Exercises

Just as water helps to keep the body organs functioning properly, exercises trigger the heart muscles to pump blood around the body rapidly to all organs which in turn helps the liver to filter blood back to your body system.

Exercises also burn fat faster and reduce your blood pressure which makes your kidney healthy. Being obsessed is bad for your kidney’s health as it heightens your blood pressure.


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  1. Alcohol Doesn’t Love You As Much You Do

Consumption of alcohol increases the toxic content of your body and creates hitches for liver detoxification. Try as much as possible to reduce excessive intake of alcohols, they are more toxic than you think and harm your liver in ways you’ll never imagine until it begins to malfunction.

The results come in the form of liver inflammation and other liver diseases. When you burden your liver with the detoxification of the toxins from your alcoholic consumption, it gets weak and subsequently breaks down.


  1. Careful Of Your Medication

7 liver-cleansing tipsFollow the right prescription from your doctor. If you aren’t sure of what you are taking, don’t indulge in the practice of self-medication. Some of the drugs you take become toxic when you go overdose with them.

The liver has too many workloads already detoxifying foods you consume to be strained with your self-medication. So save it off that trouble, at least you can control your medication better than your addictions.


  1. Consume Tea regularly

7 liver-cleansing tipsThere are certain like teas like the green tea, sambong, tea made from the stinging nettle leaf that is good for the kidney and you can go the liver detox tea line with the following teas; pukka detox tea, ginger turmeric tea, triple leaf detox tea and many other herbal detox teas you can find.



  1. Do Food Supplement

7 liver-cleansing tipsThere are plenty of liver detoxifying supplements available in the market for you to make use of. The same could be said for the kidneys. Most of them include vitamin B-6 supplements, Omega-3 fatty acids supplements, L-Glutathione, and Chlorella. They won’t cost an arm and a leg to buy.


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