5 Cheap Detox Diets You Should Checkout Today

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When it comes to detoxification, the principal element is your diet. To find  cheap detox diet isn’t hard  as you might think. This post contains cheap detox diet you can try out today while not burning a hole in your pocket. Yes, yu hear me, it is cheap.

The liver is responsible for screening toxins that finds its way into the body. Unfortunately, we can do little or nothing when it comes to toxins. They are found everywhere. In the food you eat, water you drink, and even air you breathe. It is essential to get rid of the ‘bad stuffs’ to live healthier.

However, there are various body detox method available today. Your diet is one of such mechanism.




A clove of garlic daily is said to keeps the doctor away.

Garlic brings wholesome changes to the body. It protects your liver, kidney, blood and all other important body organs from harmful toxins. This herb also has blood screening properties which makes it the best option to improve cardiac health.

Garlic is a cheap liver cleanse diet and also versatile. It can be used in a number of ways. You can choose to add it to your cooking or drinking water. If you aren’t afraid of going around with garlic stench over your mouth, you can eat it raw.

When using garlic for detoxification, you should consider blending it with other detoxifying foods like green smoothies and detoxifying juice.


detox tea
detox tea

Liver Detox teas are great way of flushing the ‘bad stuffs’ out of your body. Toxins weakens the immune system, increases the level of inflammation and increase stress level in the body.

Your choice of tea depends on your taste and the nutrient contained. Basically, there are various detox tea available. You’re blessed with riches in abundance when it comes to choosing the right detox tea.

Detox tea serves a lot of purpose, from weight loss and flat tummy to liver cleansing. Your choice of tea is determined by function you want it to perform.

For flat tummy, use flat belly detox, if you’re looking to loving it up with your liver, try fatty liver remedy.



Coffee contains essential nutrients needed to improve your health. Regular consumption of coffee has been found to reduce the risk of chronic liver disease and even those who are already affected.

Drinking coffee may also reduce the risk of developing liver cirrhosis which develops as a result of toxins and excess alcohol. All these benefits makes up the reason why coffee is seen as the ultimate liver detoxifying diet.

A cup of coffee every morning increases the secretion of glutathione in the body. Glutathione serves as a powerful anti-oxidant to neutralize the effect of radicals. And to learn more about the Glutathione, read Glutathione_ Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning



Either you’re looking to cut down your weight or just want to flush things down after taking too much alcohol, smoothies are the easiest way to combine lots of nutrient in one glass.

You can prepare your smoothies in 10 minute or less using natural ingredients in your garden. The basic criteria for a good smoothies is to keep it healthy while it’s delicious. Unlike detox juice which are liquid, smoothies are made from blending green veggies, dairy products or pureed raw fruit into creamy paste.

To keep your smoothie delicious, using kale, strawberries, spinach, Greek yogurt, and cucumber as your principal ingredient.



Beetroot can be combined with a host of ingredients to achieve your detox goal. Combined with super ingredients like cucumber, carrot, garlic and apple, beetroot doesn’t just aid with digestion. It serves as a powerful detoxify agent for the liver and body system in general.

Before embarking on a liver detox journey, precautions must be taken. If you feel fatigued or worse contact a health personnel. You can skip any of the ingredient if you’re allergic to them.

With these five easy and cheap detox diet, you will be able to achieve your detoxifying goals without going broke. Which one have  you try have among them or which one will you try out, let hear your views via the comment box and don’t forget to read practical detox diet that is right for you. It will surely help.

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