How Authentic Are Biblical Diets For Weight Loss?

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Biblical Diets For Weight Loss – Does It Work?

Biblical diets for weight loss have been receiving a lot of buzz in recent years, but people still want to know if there are any scientifical back-ups to support this. Thanks to historical interpretation, experts, through several scientific studies, have been able to go back and assess the way people lived in the bible for nutritional clues that support weight management and better health.

If you have been considering going for a biblical diet for weight loss and want to know about what scientists Scientists have studied human dental records to assess how the body is designed to eat.

They concluded humans are more suited for a plant-based diet. The four canine teeth of the human are designed to tear meat. This type of teeth is common in the mouths of carnivores such as sharks, wolves, and alligators. The eight frontal teeth are used to bite vegetables and fruits.

biblical diets for weight lossSince the majority of the human teeth are molars, which are used to crush and grind seeds and plants, scientists concluded that the body is really designed for a plant-based diet. Additionally, the human saliva is alkaline and loaded with enzymes such as amylase, which are designed to process carbohydrates and plants. This makes it more suited to digest plants.

Based on historical records and the bible, Jesus and people in this era most likely ate a diet that is similar to the Mediterranean diet. This form of diet includes foods like soups, lentils, pine nut, olive oil, kale, dates and baked fish.

However, Tom McCann, the author of the Christian Fat Loss PDF explained that biblical diets can easily be modified to be compatible with other forms of diets such as Paleo, Keto, intermittent fasting, IIFYM, gluten-Low-carb, Vegan diet, and free carb cycling. This flexibility must be one of the reasons why people are buying into biblical diets in recent years, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Also, contrary to what some people believe, biblical diets are not bland or tasteless foods. Tom explains that they are nutritious and delicious. People who do not like working out or have hours to spend in the fitness center are the ones likely to benefit more from opting for biblical diets for weight loss.

how good are biblical diets for weight lossAccording to Tom McMann, the bible consists of over 100 health and fitness lessons in different chapters and there are also teachings about food, healing, and health such as Exodus 15:26 and 1 Timothy 4:8.

While some people are using the clues from a set of guidelines on how to eat more like Jesus as created by AJ Jacobs and Dr. Colbert with the help of The Dr. Oz Show, others are also following the eating style of Prophet Daniel in the Bible. It is believed to have helped him outlive three kings according to the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament.

Some Christians who have shared their experience with biblical diets testify to new strength mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Recently, the star of Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Chris Pratt discussed his experience with biblical diets for weight loss and getting fit on the Stephen Colbert Show.

biblical diets -how authentic are they?

LEARN MORE, one of the largest Christian websites in the world, recommends biblical diets to Christians who are struggling with weight loss and health issues. The principle focuses more on helping you stay healthy to lose weight than trying to lose weight to stay healthy.

Our bodies are the temples of God, so we are to make choices that honor God, especially when it comes to what we put in our mouths and how we take care of our bodies. Biblical diets offer new ways to stay motivated, excited and inspired all through your weight loss journey with God by your side.

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