About Us 1Detoxifytips.com is a health & wellness blog dedicated to helping you get the right nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle changed that will help you achieve all the benefits that come with total body detoxification, while providing you with the best detailed, unbiased reviews of related products in this niche to help you make an informed decision in your purchase.

We are a team of passionate health, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts. The idea behind this blog was given birth to 10 years ago but Detixifytips.com was carved out of our brand of broad health and fitness niche, which is MYFITNESSTIPSTER.

It is hard to stay toxin-free in this modern living when we are surrounded by different household types of equipment, foods, and products that keep exposing us to toxins. Being fit and healthy contributes immensely to your confidence and self-esteem; and whole body detoxification is one of the extremely effective ways to achieve this.

The ways by which following this particular lifestyle have benefited us have been truly amazing and the best part of all this experience is seeing others inspired by us and this blog.

I hope you discover a lot of useful information here, so please enjoy your stay. While you are here, you can download our free Ebook; 100 Ways To Detoxify

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