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Welcome to Detoxifytip

Detoxifytips.com was founded to provide you with tried-and-trusted daily tips on how to detoxify your body. On our pages, you will learn how to incorporate detox into your life, restore your health, enjoy toxin-free life, and enjoy all the benefits that come with detoxification.

You will learn about natural ways to detoxify your body with herbs, detox recipes, and detox how-to guides.

Why DetoxifyTips.com?

Modern living has many blessings, but it also exposes humans to lots of toxins, stress, and unwanted habits. Only a few people have the luxury of sleeping for 8 hours a day or cooking every meal amidst a tight daily schedule. It is hard for us to pay attention to everything we eat, touch, breathe, or use.

We get exposed to TOXINS in the things that we come across every day; food, water, air, and personal care products. Research has shown how these toxins are the main cause of obesity and systemic health conditions common in our society today. They are also the reasons many of the weight loss efforts are hardly rewarded.

At Detoxifytips.com, our ultimate goal is to be part of your full health restoration journey. We don’t intend to stop at helping you to detoxify your body for better health. We want you to be able to apply detoxification to your mind, relationships, and digital life.

How We Do It?

Daily Tips

Detoxifytips.com was founded to provide readers with tried-and-trusted daily tips on how to detoxify your body. Our editorial team is committed to making Detoxifytips.com the most trusted authority when it comes to detoxing tips. Here, you will find educative articles on how to detoxify your body from toxic relationships, technology, fibroid, and any form of addiction. Are you looking to get rid of toxins from your body to lose weight, get pregnant, pass a drug test, or to lose belly fat? We’ve got you covered.


Let’s keep you updated on the latest research on body detoxification for better health. We keep adding to your knowledge bank, updating ourselves on all the latest researches on detoxification with the hope of answering the questions you may have. Our editors and product analysts work hard to serve you and make this website a go-to resource for detoxification. Our published content is periodically reviewed and fact-checked to ensure the information provided is fair, accurate, and up to date. We regularly consult our go-to health experts for insights and analysis.

Product Reviews

Count on us for honest reviews of detox products. All products featured here are researched and tested independently or editor-approved. We highlight the advice of trusted experts and provide information on the best-tested detox products you can buy. We always put our readers first and only recommend products that we are sure of as our reputation is on the line. We also rely on the power of the community for our product review.

At Detoxifytips.com, our content is independently produced and held to genuine standards of accuracy and integrity. Detoxifytips.com participates in affiliate marketing programs so we may get paid commissions when products are purchased through our links to the websites of the retailer.

We maintain a strict privacy policy because we take our relationship with our readers seriously. We would love for you to join us to benefit from all the knowledge we acquire and share concerning how to live a toxin-free life.

My Story


This is Christina.

A few years ago, I was overwhelmed by stress. The situation left me fat, in debt, with bad habits and low self-esteem. Those days, I had little time to sleep and ate like I was filling someone else’s stomach. I sometimes wished I got into an accident on my way to work, which made me realize how much I hated my job.

Although I knew I had to take control of my health and life, I didn’t take it seriously until my boyfriend complained about my weight and my already low self-esteem hit rock bottom. Making up excuses to avoid parties became the least of my problems.

I tried several online weight loss programs and I was able to lose some pounds but I had to get used to having a bulging belly. Shortly after, I came across a research study by Dr. Paula F. Baillie. It reveals why all the old explanation for the causes of a weight gain are no longer valid and that toxic chemicals are poisoning the human natural weight control system.

In my attempt to get rid of toxins in my body to lose weight, I came across detoxification and started practicing detoxifying my body. What I was, and still most thankful for – apart from reduced belly fat – was improved mood and better immune system.

However, I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted more and so detox becomes a way of life for me. I couldn’t stop at detoxifying my body; I applied detoxification to my mind, relationships, and digital life. Ever since I have encouraged others to incorporate detox into their lifestyle.

So, if you have tried everything else and you still have weight problems, you should consider detoxifying your life to restore your health.

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Thanks for stopping by.

Christina W.if

our Editorial team

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Wemmy C.

Content Marketer

Wemmy, Detoxifytips’ digital director, has over 6 years of experience as a journalist. She currently manages content across Detoxitytip‘s online and social media platforms.

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Christina W.

Staff Writer

Christina is a passionate detox lover. She has 5 years of experience writing and editing contents for websites including My Fitness TipsterReviewsmemo and Weightlossreviewshub

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Paul Rogers

Editorial Director

Paul is the Editorial Director at Detoxifytips. He has a Master’s degree in mass communication and over 8 years overseeing several publications and websites.