14 Day Beauty Detox Review – Eat Your Way To A Healthy Life. Does It Work?

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14 Day Beauty Detox Program Review – Eat Your Way To Beauty And Health. Does It Work?


You are welcome to the review of the 14 Days Beauty Detox Program by David Burnaway, a detox plan program that claims to have solution to Digestion Induced Fatigue, eliminate hidden artificial toxic chemicals, lose weight and reverse aging process. However, does this 14 Day Beauty Detox really work, compared to other popular detox plans in the market today?

14 Day Beauty Detox Program Review Content

On the review of the 14 Day Beauty Detox program today, we are going to be discussing the following questions posed by our readers:

  1. What is the 14 Days Beauty Detox?
  2. Who is the author of the Beauty Detox program?
  3. How does the guide work?
  4. The benefits of the program
  5. Pros and cons of the 14 Days Beauty Detox system

14 day beauty detox program

What Exactly is The 14 Day Beauty Detox?

The 14 Day Beauty Detox system is a done-for-you blueprint with simple and unique combination of foods that are designed by a team of specialists to completely solve the problems of Digestive-Induced Fatigue, help you restart your body’s natural fat burning pathways, create a sensation of life-giving energy and give your mind and body what you truly deserve.

This simple combination of every day foods is to be consumed in a specific way to restore fat-burning hormones, smoothen out fine lines, neutralize dangerous toxins and restore your energy levels optimally.

the 14 day beauty detox program cures Learn about The Digestion Induced Fatigue symptoms here…

About the author of the 14 Day Beauty Detox – David Burnaway And Makayla Leone

The 14 Day Beauty Detox is created by David Burnaway, the Co-Founder of an online health and wellness company. He once suffered from DIF himself and was told by his doctor that he was “just stress”, which he believes is a phrase that doctors use when they can’t figure out exactly what is wrong with a patient.

He mentioned that during those periods, he suffered from emotional swings, aging skin, hair problems, feeling tired in the morning and lack of concentration. According to him, he felt like an 89-year-old man in a 42-year-old body.

Just like everyone who has to deal with stress, there was no time to take a month vacation or meditate for hours every day. Since he also didn’t want to take the prescribed drugs by his doctor, David mentioned that he sought for natural means to deal with his problems.

His researched towards this, with Makayla Leone, gave birth to the discovery of some powerful and useful food secrets that helped him transformed his life which he is now sharing in his program- 14 Day Beauty Detox.

How Does The 14 Day Beauty Detox system work?

David Burnaway seeks to help you cure DIF with the 14 Day Beauty Detox through eating certain foods and “Beauty Rest”, which is all about resting your digestive organs and your immune system.

According to him, your digestion is making you age faster by wearing you out from the inside-out because about 25% of your daily energy is being spent on digestion alone. A healthy immune system determines how well your digestive system functions but the chemical poisons discussed early above are impacting your immune system in negative ways.

The program teaches you how to gently coax your body into resting its digestive system though energizing nutrition.

Visit The Official Page Of 14-Day Beauty Detox Program To Learn More On How It Works

Content of the 14 Days Beauty Detox Program

The following items will come with your order of the 14 Day Beauty Detox Program

  1. Nutrition blueprint
  2. Specially-designed Superfood Recipes
  3. Homemade Beauty Guide valued at
  4. “Natural Home Cleaning Guide”
  5. Super Beauty Video Series

Video #1: Meet Makayla Leone, a professional model and health expert, who reveals the fat-burning and youth-generating secrets.

Video #2: Learn about emotional self-care and detox principals.

Video #3:  Learn how to use nature’s most valuable treasures to replace toxic sugars and sweeteners in your life. Learn how to use them for detoxification.

  1. AND: Three “Mystery Bonuses

Hypnotic Meditation™.

14 day beauty detox program reviewMeditation has been proven to be very effective and valid for stress in today’s overly stressed world. This bonus is a guided meditation audios. You can just download them to your audio player or phone and put on your headphones to enjoy the relaxation bliss.

The packages comes exact list of foods you need to eat to detoxify your body.

​They are delicious, nutrient packed foods that are gentle on your system. The Program isn’t a radical weight loss diet. There is nothing “crash” about it. However, you will surely lose weight.

14 day beauty detox reviewList of “Clean 15” foods you can safely eat without buying the organic.

List of the 12 foods health experts strongly recommend you always buy organic.

14 day beauty detox bonus guideYou will have access to delicious recipe, smoothie, herbal fat-burner and health-enhancer such as

  • Blueberry and Greens Smoothie
  • Awakening Kiwi Smoothie
  • Protein Red Velvet Smoothie
  • Berry Beautiful Smoothie
  • Energetic Creamy Chocolate Shake
  • Herbal fat-burner and health-enhancer.

Benefits Of The 14 Day Beauty Detox System

detailed review of David Burnaway's 14 day beauty detox programThe following are what you can expect to benefit from the 14 Day Beauty Detox once you start using it, which is based on the author’s promises about the program:

  • Get a permanent cure from digestion induced fatigue, which is also very similar to gluten induced fatigue.
  • Have the feeling of sleeping like a baby without sleeping a minute longer at night.
  • The guide focuses on helping you make your body healthy and alive on the inside, which will surely reflect on your outer body.
  • Feel more energized, attractive and younger from the transformation that is going on inside the body as you are on the program and even after.
  • Enjoy all the benefits that come with body detoxification
  • Reset the metabolism and hormonal balance of your body.
  • Revitalize the weary organs in your body and immune system.
  • Renew your energy and save money.
  • Enjoy better mental focus at work.
  • ​Easily fit into your clothes and experience encouraging weight loss, without any harsh, unrealistic diet.


The Pros of the 14 Day Beauty Detox

The following are the advantages of this program:

  1. No Crap

The guide does not contain any fancy supplement or bitter “liquid grass”.  The DIF condition does not require the use of pills or drugs to be erased from the body. Some drugs are also known to result in DIF condition in some people. However, the program provide users with the natural ways to detoxify their bodies.

   2. Time-Saving

All of the recipes in the program are quick and easy. Each of the recipes only takes about 5 to 17 minutes of your time to make and this includes the clean-up time.

  3. Easy to Do and Flexible

You can make the meals in the morning or a night before. You don’t have to permanently change your eating habit for you to get rid of the years of damage that this condition has caused to your body and look more refreshed.

    4. Fast Result

The guide is designed to help users get rid of Digestion Induced Fatigue in as little as 14 days. The author mentioned that you can experience visible results that will also make people ask you questions to know if you got a facelift, took a vacation or if you have been working out.

14 day beauty detox system review

    5. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If after getting this program and used it for 2 months, you are not 100% thrilled with your look and how you feel or soaring in your new energy levels, you can ask for a refund of your investment.

    6. Not Crash Diet

You won’t be giving up your favorite foods even desserts. You also won’t change anything in current eating habits, except while you are on your 14-Day Beauty Detox™.

​David claimed that most of their members insist on eating healthier since they love the way they feel.

The Cons Of The 14 Day Beauty Detox Program

After going through David Burnaway’s detox plan program, we also realize things that some people may not be happy with, which are as follows:

​This program is not a quick-fix “pill-based” solution.

It is only available in digital format only.

14 day beauty detox system review

14 day beauty detox plan

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