Does 14 Day Beauty Detox Program Cure Gluten-Induced Fatigue

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How Does The 14 Day Beauty Detox Program Cure Digestion-Induced Fatigue (DIF)?

14 day beauty detox programEveryone is accidentally consuming chemical poisons, which are present in our favourite snacks, diet soda, energy waters, foods, skin care products, dozens of items in the bathroom and kitchen, safe things such as health foods, baby formula and some vitamin supplements.

An example of these toxic chemical is benzene, which is lurking in rubber, dyes, lubricants, detergents, pesticides, drugs, pains, glues and furniture wax.

We have less time to pay attention to what goes into our mouth and the things we use, and these hidden artificial toxins from them have a way of draining our immune system which affect our digestive system. This results in Gluten-Induced Fatigue, which has similar symptoms with Digestion-induced fatigue, a condition that comes with terrible symptoms, which doctors rule as “just stress”.

14 day beauty detox eliminates toxins from the body

14 Day Beauty Detox Program – Dangers Of Toxins

These toxins also travel through the bone marrows and store themselves in the fat cells, which make people gain weight and also sabotage the efforts of others trying to lose weight.

The human body isn’t designed with the 21st century and modern foods in mind or not eating the “three square meals”, which most humans ignore for the vast majority of their stay on earth.

It’s hard to avoid this when in a busy city, with tight daily schedule. This is why DIF is a common condition, which brings us to the review of David Burnaway’s 14 Day Beauty Detox program.

the 14 day beauty detox program cures14 Day Beauty Detox Program – What Is Digestion Induced Fatigue (DIF)?

The 14 Day Beauty Detox is created to help users combat the symptoms of a condition, which experts now refer to as Digestion Induced Fatigue (DIF). According to the author of the 14 Day Beauty, you are at risk of this condition no matter what you eat.

This condition is unlike catching a cold and has nothing to do with genetics. Digestion Induced fatigue, caused by excess absorption of hidden artificial toxic chemicals into the body, is known to be responsible for:

  • Skin disorder
  • Indigestion
  • Rapid and uncontrolled weight gain
  • Feeling tired than normal at night and less-rested in the morning
  • The snooze symdrome
  • Rapid forming of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Feeling gaseous or bloating after a meal without overeating
  • Loss of mental clarity
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Lack of sexual drive
  • Excess fat and cellulite
  • Hormonal craps
  • Craving of sugar or sweets, especially at night.
  • Social anxiety
  • Early or painful menopause symptoms

All these come with the stress of DIF and are responsible for making anyone feel over-fat, less attractive, frustrated and irritable. David Burnaway further explains that the condition is a very sneaky foe with symptoms just like the “normal” aging process.

However, they are actually making you age at the speed of light by having your energy levels declining on a daily basis, making you put on excess fat in all the wrong places in your body and making your body experience accelerated pesky signs of aging.

14 day beauty detox program review

What Exactly is The 14 Day Beauty Detox Program?

The 14 Day Beauty Detox system is a done-for-you blueprint with simple and unique combination of foods that are designed by a team of specialists to completely solve the problems of Digestive-Induced Fatigue, help you restart your body’s natural fat burning pathways, create a sensation of life-giving energy and give your mind and body what you truly deserve.

This simple combination of every day foods is to be consumed in a specific way to restore fat-burning hormones, smoothen out fine lines, neutralize dangerous toxins and restore your energy levels optimally.

There is a test that helps you determine whether or not you have Digestion Induced Fatigue, visit the official website of the 14 Day Beauty Detox program to find out now or check out our detailed review of the 14 Day Beauty Detox program to learn more.

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